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Motability Scooter Scheme

How it works

Through Motability, you simply turn part, or all, of your allowance into the scooter or powered wheelchair of your choice. To find out if you are eligible, and which allowances are used.

Parents can apply on behalf of a child who receives the allowance, but please speak to your dealer, as some products may not be suitable for all ages.

Only the person in reciept of the allowance can use the scooter or powered wheelchair. It should not be used, for example, by your partner or spouse. So if you're eligible, what's included?

What it includes

With Motability, you get more than just the scooter or powered wheelchair of your choice, you also get all the support and help you need to enjoy worry-free mobility. Our current customers rate our service very highly and 95% of them would recommend Motability to a friend.

A new scooter or powered wheelchair of your choice every three years. All scooters come with a rain cover at no extra cost.

  • Standard pricing nationwide so regardless of which dealer you visit the price will always be the same
  • Over 200 products most costing less than your weekly allowance
  • Insurance from RSA Motability (RSAM) which covers any damage to people or property caused by your product
  • Loss and damage protection for your product
  • Breakdown assistance from Motability Assist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs call outs and home collections can be arranged with your dealer
  • Replacement tyres and batteries
  • A dedicated UK based Customer Services team

It really is that simple we take part, or all, of your allowance directly from the Department for Work and Pensions, or the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency and you get all this there are no catches!

Once you have decided our all-inclusive worry-free package is right for you, then your next step is to visit some dealers and choose a product to suit your needs. Additional accessories and adaptations are not included as part of the lease, but may be available to buy directly from your dealer.

To get the most out of your scooter or powered wheelchair you will need to choose one that matches your needs and lifestyle. We've listed a few things to help you choose, but remember there are lots of sources of independent advice, such as the Forum of Mobility Centres, the NHS and health professionals. Before you place your order Brook Miler Mobility will go through a product suitability assessment with you to make sure you get a product you are happy with.

Popular Models

Pride GoGo Boot Scooter

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 4

SMALL - Boot scooters

DLA or PIP Holders:
Advance Payment £25.00
Weekly Rental £25.99

WPMS Holders:
Advance Payment £25.00
Weekly Rental £25.99

Stirling Sapphire Midrange Scooter

Stirling Sapphire 2

MEDIUM - Midrange scooters

DLA or PIP Holders:
Advance Payment £25.00
Weekly Rental £18.29

WPMS Holders:
Advance Payment £25.00
Weekly Rental £18.29

Pride Colt Pursuit Class 3 Scooter

Pride Colt Pursuit

LARGE - Road legal scooters

DLA or PIP Holders:
Advance Payment £25.00
Weekly Rental £25.99

WPMS Holders:
Advance Payment £25.00
Weekly Rental £25.99

Things to concider

Ease of getting on and off
If you have difficulty with your leg movements you will need plenty of room to get on and off the scooter in comfort. To help, some models will be fitted with a seat that swivels round at least 90. Try getting on and off various models to see which works best for you before you decide.

Comfort for longer trips
If you are going to use your product regularly, or for longer trips, think about how far it can travel on a fully charged battery and also how comfortable the seat is. If there are steep hills that you regularly need to travel up, you may need extra power, especially once you are carrying shopping.

Carrying it in your car
Many scooters can be dismantled into parts or folded for easy transportation but it is worthwhile trying this out to make sure you, or anyone that travels regularly with you, knows how to do this and are able to lift the parts into and out of your car. Some powered wheelchairs cannot be dismantled or transported safely in a car.

Your typical journey
Consider where you plan to use your scooter or powered wheelchair. The turning circle, and manoeuvrability vary from model to model, so if you travel on smaller pavements with sharper corners, or intend to use the product around your home, you will need to bear this in mind.

Enjoying a smooth ride
It is also worth thinking about the kinds of surfaces you usually travel on, as some products come with solid tyres and others are air filled. Solid tyres are more durable, but also offer less suspension, so if you travel more frequently on bumpy surfaces then air filled tyres may be more suitable. Also consider whether a sturdier model or something a bit lighter to get you around your local supermarket or shopping centre would be better.

Feel at ease and in control
However long your average trips are, you will want to be comfortable and feel totally in control of the scooter or powered wheelchair. So, check that the steering column or 'tiller' is in easy reach and if not, ask the dealer if it can be adjusted. On all models, the controls themselves are usually very simple, and can be operated even if you have limited strength in your hands.

Remember to recharge it
As your product is battery powered you will need to be able to plug it in wherever you store it. When our dealers come to your home to carry out an assessment they will advise you on a solution that might be suitable for you, particularly if you need to store it outside.