5 Key Features of Our Wheelchair Accessible Motorhomes

The best part about owning a motorhome is the freedom it gives you.

There are many ways to make your motorhome accessible though. And by doing so, improve your travelling experience.

Read on for some customized options wheelchair accessible motorhomes may come with.

Add Ramps and Lifts To Your Motorhome

One of the best features of accessible motorhomes is the entry ramps.

These custom designed lifts make getting in and out of your motorhome accessible for all. Located in the entryway, lifts like the LeisureLift are remote controlled and are compact so that they will not take up any of the limited space in your motorhome.

Lifts can fit a varied range of wheelchairs and feature handrails and non-slip surfaces. This feature makes it useful for those who are not wheelchair-bound and may have limited mobility.

Enlarged Bathrooms are a Must

Making sure your motorhome’s amenities are accessible is an important thing to keep in mind as well.

Enlarging the bathroom space in an accessible motorhome is one way to do this. Having a bathroom space that can fit a wheelchair or mobility aids like walkers, crutches and canes will make your travelling much easier.

Larger roll-in showers, lower toilets and roll-under sinks without lower cabinetry will ensure your motorhome can be navigated by all.

Some motorhome travellers recommend forgoing campsite bathroom amenities entirely. They do this by adding all of these accessible amenities, ensuring a consistent quality of life, no matter where their journeys take them.

Living Spaces Make Wheelchair Accessible Motorhomes Enjoyable for All

Like the custom bathroom amenities mentioned above, making your motorhome’s living spaces accessible is a good idea as well.

By widening your motorhome’s doorways, you will be able to access each space. Wheelchair accessible motorhomes might also feature moveable beds. These beds can raise and lower depending on the user’s needs. This feature is a definite bonus to consider when searching for an accessible motorhome.

Some motorhomes will also feature wider kitchens. Many of these homes will come with lowered cabinetry, accessible appliances, and easily accessed switches. Dining spaces can be accessible as well.

Tables can be adjusted and built-in seating can be removed or limited, making meals much more enjoyable for all.

Improved Storage Makes Travelling Easier

One of the hardest aspects of prolonged travel is storage.

Many accessible motorhomes will feature improved storage features. These can be larger cabinets, set lower to the ground so every traveller can use them. By adding storage throughout the motorhome, your stay will be much more enjoyable.

Many accessible motorhomes will also feature pullout beds, that can then be stored away when not in use. This makes travel throughout the motorhome accessible for all.

Accessible Controls are Essential

Another great accessibility feature for your future motorhome are the controls. Many accessible motorhomes will feature adaptable controls drivers with mobility issues can take advantage of.

Motorhomes come equipped with cruise control. And you may be able to custom design steering wheels that would be better suited for those with limited mobility in their hands.

Bespoke hand controls and adaptions are an important feature. And will greater improve a driver’s freedom on the open road.

We Can Help You Find A Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

There are many benefits to driving an accessible motorhome.

With our help, we can find you a customized vehicle that can fit your lifestyle. Anyone who loves travelling should not be limited by their motorhome.


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