A Complete Guide To Buying A Stair Lift

If you’re from the Huddersfield, Halifax and Elland area and are thinking of buying a stair lift we hope this guide from Brook Miller Mobility can help make this important decision as easy as possible for you. There are numerous stair lifts for sale on the market this guide will hopefully give you a sense of what features you need for your home.

Before you begin to look at the many options available for you ask yourself first whether you need one and whether buying a stair lift is going to improve your quality of life.

Often as we get older getting up and down the stairs can become a challenge. It can also pose a risk to safety if you are prone to tripping, falling or dizziness.

Having trouble with the stairs can be particularly distressing if your bathroom facilities are upstairs. Some may consider rearranging their homes to allow them to live entirely on the ground floor; however, this may mean having to make use of a commode and temporary bathing facilities.

You may have considered moving house altogether, into a bungalow or ground floor flat, sheltered accommodation or a care home.

You may not want the upheaval of moving house or inconvenience of rearranging your home. You may not want to buy additional products to enable you to live downstairs or change your lifestyle. However, if you do want a safe way to access your full house, the confidence to use the stairs again and to carry on living independently in your own home then installing a stair lift in your home may be the practical and cost effective solution you are looking for.

Can We Help With Your Stair Lift?

Buying a stair lift is an important decision. Choosing the right one should enable you to stay in your own home for as long as possible. We want to help make sure you make the right decisions to suit your needs. West Yorkshire Brook Miller have numerous types of stair lifts for sale.

There are many options available so take the time to talk about the decisions with your friends, family and professionals. Occupational Therapists (OT’s) can often be very helpful in offering help and advice to find the best solutions to meet a person’s specific needs.

Brook Miller Mobility’s showroom staff in Elland near Halifax are experienced in the sale and installation of stair lifts. They will be happy to help answer any questions you may have. The show room is open Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:30 as well as Saturday’s between 09:00 and 12:30. Brook Miller operate a no pressure sales environment.

Appointments are not necessary but it may be advantageous to phone ahead to ensure availability of the expert staff. Please call 01422 376 645 to book an appointment or to ask any questions you may have. The show room is situated at Unit 1A Elland Lane, Elland, HX5 9DZ on the cross roads for the Morrison’s supermarket.


Which Stair Lift is Right For You?

There are many types and options of stair lifts available on the market and we are happy to help assist you in choosing the stair lift that best suits your requirements.

The most popular stair lift we install at Brook Miller Mobility is the HomeGlide range of stair lifts. The HomeGlide offers an excellent solution for all indoor straight stair lift requirements at a very competitive price.


Lady getting off one of the Homeglide stair lifts for saleHomeGlide stair lifts have a proven history of dependability and convenience for over sixty years. Their stair lifts are smooth and secure, moving you between the levels of your home with maximum comfort and safety.

The HomeGlide stair lift offers the perfect combination of quality, service, reliability and value for money.


HomeGlide Stair Lifts For Sale

Why have a HomeGlide stair lift? Consider these benefits;

  • Ease of use

Joystick control: A Simple easy to use joystick control means the HomeGlide stair lift can be operated extremely easily. It is as straightforward as moving the joystick left or right depending on whether you would like to go up or down the staircase.

The HomeGlide stair lift can also be installed with a rocker switch instead of Joystick control. This is particularly beneficial for those with arthritis and similar conditions as it does not require the user to grip the control in the same way. Instead just exert a little pressure on the switch to select the direction of travel.

Remote Control Handsets: For ultimate convenience, the HomeGlide is available with 2 remote control handsets. The handsets are a slim design and can be positioned at the top and bottom of your stairs. This means you can easily call your HomeGlide to you; particularly handy if you are not using the stair lift on every journey up and down the stairs and also makes the HomeGlide an ideal option if there is more than just yourself requiring use of the stair lift within your home.

  • Safety

Manual Swivel Seat: To help you get on and off the chair safely at the top of your staircase. HomeGlide has a manual swivelling feature as standard.

Seat Belt: The HomeGlide also includes a seat belt as standard.

Pressure Sensitive Edging: Pressure sensitive edging around the stair lift provides extra security in the event of an obstruction on your stairs.

International Safety Standards: The HomeGlide adheres to the latest stringent international safety standards, you can be assured of the highest levels of service and quality.

Removable Joystick: The joystick on HomeGlide can also be removed, acting as the key to preventing unauthorised usage, so you do not need to worry when they grandchildren are visiting!

  • Quick Installation

Modern Technology: Built with modern technology the HomeGlide is quick to install resulting in the least disruption possible to the household.

Automatic Powered Hinge: HomeGlide is also available with a power folding hinge track. This is the perfect answer to all homes which have an obstruction at the foot of the stairs, typically a door. Via the remote control handset, the lower section of the rail quietly folds away, leaving the doorway clear.

Audible Fault Reporting: If a fault was to develop on the HomeGlide it alerts the user with a series a beeps if there is a problem with the stair lift.


HomeGlide Extra Stair Lifts For Sale

When you are looking at the options available on your new HomeGlide stair lift it may be worth considering the HomeGlide Extra. Offering unsurpassed levels of elegance and versatility as well as a range of additional options and enhancements. The HomeGlide Extra is elegant and functional, whilst still being a competitively priced Straight Staircase stair lift.


Lady adjusting stair lift seat

HomeGlide Extra offers maximum comfort and the highest levels of aesthetical design. With a choice of fabric colours and compact dimensions, HomeGlide Extra is an elegant and attractive addition to your home.

HomeGlide Extra has all of the features of the HomeGlide stair lift and the following additional features;

  • Linked Footrest

This standard feature folds the footrest up with the seat, removing the need to bend down to fold the footrest manually.

  • Curved Armrests

HomeGlide Extra comes with a choice of curved and foldable armrests as standard. This provides a greater feeling of security whilst travelling.

  • Power Swivel Seat

HomeGlide Extra comes with a manual swivel seat as standard. Upgrading to the new powered swivel option makes turning the stair lift at the top of the stairs effortless. By maintaining pressure on the joystick the seat turns to allow you to alight from the stairs safely.

  • Heavy Duty Weight Capacity

As an optional extra the HomeGlide Extra can have the additional capacity to manage weights of up to 146kg (23 Stone) at a staircase angle maximum of 45°.

  • Adjustable Seat Height

Available only with the Power Swivel Seat, there are four different heights to choose from. This provides you with the most comfortable seating position possible. The footrest lies just 97mm (4 inches) from the floor at the bottom, making access onto the ground seamless.

  • Upholstery Colours

The HomeGlide Extra comes with a choice of Upholstery colour in order to match your home decor. Cream is the standard option but you may also alternatively choose brown, grey or red.


Before you buy your stair lift

Before you make the decision of which HomeGlide stair lift to buy we would encourage you to visit the Brook Miller Showroom in Elland. Our experienced staff can discuss the options that are available to you.

Once you are happy that a stair lift is the right option for you and have decided that the HomeGlide Staircase will meet your needs we will then book a home visit with our stair lift engineer.

However, no pressure is ever put on you to purchase at or following a home visit. This undertaken completely with no obligation.

A home visit is simply an opportunity for our engineer to survey your staircase and check that one of our stair lifts will be suitable. He may make recommendations for which options would be best suited to your requirements.

Stair lift prices can vary so our engineer will need to take the dimensions of the staircase and other important information required to generate a competitive and accurate quote.

Following the home demonstration, a written quotation will be provided for the cost of the stair lift, including an installation cost. You may be eligible for VAT exemption, please speak to a member of our staff for more information.

We will explain to you the Brook Miller After Care Services available, this includes warranty and repairs. Once we have provided you with all the necessary information to make a decision we will allow you to make your decision in your own time with no pressure.

However, if you have any further questions or need any further assistance we are just a phone call away.


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