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What is the Liberation CB?

The Liberation CB is our wheelchair accessible Coachbuilt motorhome built from the chassis up, to your exact requirements, in a range of sizes, we can ensure you get your dream motorhome exactly the way you want it.


Within the range there is also a compact Coachbuilt option (Liberation CC), and the Coachbuilt Xscape (Liberation CX) which has a large double over cab bed. Wheelchair accessibility is provided via an underfloor wheelchair lift, with an electric step fitted in conjunction to the lift for easy access when the lift is not required.


We believe a Coachbuilt motorhome is a great choice if you are looking for something spacious and flexible to become your home from home. We generally find the Coachbuilt motorhome a better option for families who require more space, and a higher berth than a van conversion motorhome. For wheelchair users the wider base options of the coachbuilt can offer greater flexibility and space if required.


As with all options within the Liberation range, we offer a bespoke approach to layout and vehicle options, however all Coachbuilt Motorhomes are built on the Fiat Ducato.

Coachbuilt Motorhomes:

Liberation CB Featured

Which coachbuilt motorhome is the right choice for me?

All Liberation Coachbuilt Motorhomes are built on the Fiat Ducato chassis, whether you opt for the Coachbuilt CC (Compact Coachbuilt), Coachbuilt CB (Coachbuilt) or Coachbuilt XS (Coachbuilt Xscape). We keep the chassis’ in stock ready for build which helps to greatly reduce the production times of these motorhomes.

The Fiat Ducato has been voted the “Best Motorhome Base Vehicle 2020” having won the award 13 years in a row, by the readers of Promobil, a prestigious German magazine specialized for over 25 years in the motorhome sector.

“Among the innovations that led to the Ducato MY2020 victory, the “9 Speed” automatic transmission stands out, particularly appreciated for the relaxed and enjoyable driving experience it provides, improved performance and fuel efficiency in all situations. Also, the engines, which have always been one of the strongest points of the Ducato range, are renewed with a Euro 6d-TEMP 2.3 litre diesel engine.”

The Liberation Coachbuilt chassis’ have the following Fiat vehicle options as standard:

Captain Seats with Fiat Swivel seat bases, 16” Alloy wheels in Black, Leather steering wheel and gear lever, Front Black Grill and Black Head Lights, Front Fog Lights, Cruise control with speed limiter, Day Running LED Lights, Larger alternator in 180AMPs, Upgraded larger capacity fuel tanks, Automatic Air Conditioning, MTA (Manual Transmission Automated) Gearbox and Steering wheel controls for radio. (TBC: new model update pending)

Our Liberation Coachbuilt Motorhomes are high specification motorhome chassis’, the above options included are worth thousands of pounds alone, and we know you will love the drive!

What are the different types of coachbuilt motorhomes?

We have 3 types of Coachbuilt Motorhomes in our Liberation range:

Compact Coachbuilt (CC)

A compact sized motorhome, similar in dimensions to a van conversion campervan, but with more usable interior space due to the straight sides of the external motorhome walls.

Standard Coachbuilt (CB)

The most popular choice, our midsized Coachbuilt Motorhome. A fantastic choice for families who require more space with very flexible interior space for a wide range of layouts.

Coachbuilt Xscape (CX)

Offering the greatest interior space and berth due to the over cab double bed which this motorhome size accommodates.

Which size coachbuilt motorhomes are available?

There are 2 size options of Liberation Compact Coachbuilt motorhomes, the CC565 is 5.77m in length, 2.24m width and 2.67m in height externally, internally it measures 3.93m measurements are the usable / customisable space from behind the cab area) in length, 2.11m width and 1.93m in height. The CC567 has the same height and width measurements but is 5.99m external length and 4.17m* internal length.


All the below Liberation Coachbuilt motorhomes have the same width and height dimensions, 2.38m width and 2.77m* in height externally, 2.25m width and 2.03m in height internally.


There are 7 sizes to choose from:

CB596 – 6.10m external length / 4.3m internal length*

CB620 – 6.40m external length / 4.6m internal length*

CB650 – 6.70m external length / 4.9m internal length*

CB660 – 6.85m external length / 5.05m internal length*

CB680 – 7.00m external length / 5.2m internal length*

CB690 – 7.25m external length / 5.45m internal length*

CB737 – 7.50m external length / 5.7m internal length*


All the size options above are available as a Coachbuilt Xscape. With the over cab bed the external height of a Coachbuilt Xscape becomes 3.07m but all other measurements remain the same.


*internal length measurements are the usable / customisable space from behind the cab area.

Which size coachbuilt motorhome is best?

One important consideration when choosing your new motorhome is the type of driver’s license you have. If you passed your test before 1997 you will most likely have a C1 category license. The C1 will allow you to drive vehicles up to 7,500kg MAM (maximum authorised mass).  


For those who passed in 1997 onwards the standard license will be a category B license allowing for a MAM of 3,500kg. To upgrade your license to a category C1 a further test is required for those who passed their test after 1997.


Once you have established what weight limit you are working with, it comes down to the layout that best meets the intended purpose of the motorhome. Our Fiat Ducato chassis’ that are in stock for Liberation Coachbuilt Motorhomes have chassis weight limits set to 3500kg.  If you are limited to the B license, a Compact Coachbuilt CC565 or CC567, Coachbuilt or Coachbuilt Xscape in size options CB596 / CX596, CB620/ CX620 or CB650 / CX650 are your best size options however this is dependent upon the layout and options selected for your motorhome.


However, for those who are free to go above 3,500kg and require a more substantial payload the chassis weight can be adjusted to 3,650kg upon registration, providing you with an additional 150kg of payload. Further updates are possible but may require additional features on your motorhome such as air suspension.

How much does the Liberation CoachBuilt Motorhome cost?

As there is a new Fiat model update due, pricing for Liberation 2024 motorhomes are currently unavailable. Please enquire for more information



Once you decide to purchase a Liberation Coachbuilt Motorhome a deposit will be taken to confirm the order and book a build slot, a second payment will then be required prior to build; a payment schedule will have been discussed when you made your deposit payment so that you can prepare funds for the various stages, however this will be finalised only when the total cost of your bespoke build with the options you have selected is confirmed and signed off.



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