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What is the Liberation CV?

The Liberation CV is our wheelchair accessible Caravan for disabled people. A Liberation Caravan will offer you maximum flexibility to tour the UK and beyond. It will allow you to retain home comforts and provide space to relax and unwind in.

When going on a family holiday you can hook your caravan to your car and drive to your destination. Then just unload and you still have your normal vehicle to explore the local area.

The other key benefit of a touring caravan is the option of being able to leave the caravan on site for a longer period in a similar way to a static caravan, without the costs and complications of transportation.

Liberation CV wheelchair access can be provided either by ramps, or your caravan can be fitted with a wheelchair access lift. A Liberation Caravan offers ultimate interior layout flexibility with a wide range of options available, and as always with our Liberation range, the design process is bespoke to you.

Your Liberation wheelchair accessible caravan will be a space where everyone can relax and enjoy quality time together. Freedom to hit the open road with everything you need hooked up to the back of your car.

Accessible Caravans:

Liberation CV Featured

Which accessible caravan is the right choice for me?

Our Liberation Caravans are built on a lightweight ALKO chassis. ALKO is part of the DexKo Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of axles and chassis components in the lightweight segment.


The AL-KO lightweight chassis has been perfected by many years of research and development, supported by an exhaustive test programme. Manufactured from high quality steel, the chassis has extra deep sections to provide strength at points of maximum stress.


The chassis is Hot Dipped Galvanised. This is regarded as one of the best forms of corrosion protection.


The AL-KO rubber suspension is designed and developed to suit all types of road conditions and is maintenance free. Three rubber elements are contained within a hexagonal axle tube. These provide suspension and have inherent damping characteristics.

What are the different sizes of caravans?

Within the Liberation Caravan range there are 9 different size options. They are broken down as below:

Slim (Single Axel)

The smaller sized caravans in the Liberation range are available in a slimmer width to make driving and manoeuvrability even easier. This option is available in sizes CV330 and CV375.

Standard (Single Axel)

Our most popular Liberation Caravan is the standard width, single axel, which offers ultimate layout flexibility and plenty of space for most couples and families. Sizes CV380 – CV520.

Standard (Double Axel)

For those who require the greatest interior space we have two double axel Liberation Caravans, the CV620 and CV720. These largest caravans are also suited to long term sites.

What size caravans are available?

The two smallest sizes the CV330 and CV375 are a slimmer width, at 2.16m external width, 2.05m internal width. The CV330 is 3.96m in length externally, 3.39m internally. The CV375 is 4.45m in length externally and 3.88m internally.

The height remains the same as the rest of the Liberation Caravan range; 2.5m external and 1.93m internally. The height can vary slightly depending upon roof mounted options such as aerials, awnings, and air conditioning units.


The CV380 is the same length as the CV375 (4.45m in length externally and 3.88m internally) but has the standard width dimensions of 2.36m external and 2.25m internal. The next size up is the CV430 which is 4.96m external length and 4.36m internal. Then you have the CV451 which is our most popular size at 5.15m external length and 4.58m internal length.


Larger sizes in the standard width, single axel sizes are CV480 at 5.50m in length external and 4.93m internal and then CV502 which is 5.95m external length and 5.38m internal length.


The final two sizes within the Liberation Caravan range are double axel caravans. With the same width and height as the above but due to the double axel chassis are much longer in length.


The CV620 is 6.73m external length and 6.17m internal length and finally the CV720 is the largest in the range at 7.79m external length and 7.23m internal length.

Which sized caravan is best for me?

Before you begin your wheelchair accessible caravan journey it is important to consider the size of caravan you would like. A big consideration is the amount your car can safely and legally tow.


The towing capacity can be calculated from the kerb weight of the car, which can usually be found in the owner’s manual, a plate within the door sill or on the V5 registration document. The kerb weight is known as the “G: Mass in Service” on the V5.


The maximum weight of the caravan should ideally be less than 85% of the kerb weight of the car, between 85% and 100% means it can be difficult to safely tow and legally the caravan must be no more than 100% of the kerb weight.


You must also consider the type of licence you have, if you passed before 1997 most drivers are able to tow up to a combined weight of 8250kg (car plus caravan weight) however in 1997 onwards the combined weight was capped at 3500kg for category B licences. To tow a combined weight exceeding this will require a further test.

How much does the Liberation Accessible Caravan cost?

A Liberation Caravan starts from £32,995.

Once you decide to purchase a Liberation Caravan a deposit will be taken to confirm the order and book a build slot, a second payment will then be required prior to build; a payment schedule will have been discussed when you made your deposit payment so that you can prepare funds for the various stages, however this will be finalised only when the total cost of your bespoke build with the options you have selected is confirmed and signed off.

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