Liberation CV Wheelchair Accessible Caravan

We have over 20 years of experience designing and adapting wheelchair accessible vehicles. Brook Miller Mobility are now pleased to be able to offer to you wheelchair accessible caravans for sale.


Why buy a wheelchair accessible touring caravan?

The purchase of touring caravans is on the rise within the UK. However they have always been a popular choice for families who enjoy touring the UK and beyond. They allow you to retain home comforts and space to relax and unwind in.

The touring caravan offers maximum flexibility. If going on a family holiday you can hook your caravan to your car and drive to your destination. Then just unload and you still have your normal vehicle to explore the local area.

However this is not something you would find with a motorhome. Supermarkets and tourists destination car parks often have high limiters on their car park entrances or you may find other difficulties finding space to park.

The other key benefit of a touring caravan is the option of being able to leave the caravan on site for a longer period in a similar way to a static caravan, without the costs and complications of transportation.


Why buy a disabled caravan from Brook Miller Mobility?

Brook Miller Mobility pride ourselves on our personal approach to wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions, custom design and adapting each vehicle to our customers’ individual needs.

Brook Miller Mobility were the winners of the Able Magazine Best in Show Award at Naidex 2018 with the Liberation VC.

We work closely with our customers, understanding that everybody has different needs and requirements. Brook Miller work hard to ensure every vehicle that leaves us is going to improve the lives of our customers.

We especially place high importance on our customers enjoying their free time. The Liberation wheelchair accessible caravan will be a place the family can come together. It will give you a space where everyone can relax and enjoy quality time together.

No more worrying about accessibility when hiring a touring caravan or being limited to static caravan parks.

Freedom to hit the open road with everything you need hooked up on the back of your car.


Designed with disability in mind

State of the art adaptions and listening to how you want this space to work for you is all part of our first-class service.

Brook Miller Mobility can offer a huge range of adaptions compatible with the Liberation wheelchair accessible caravan, ensuring that anyone and everyone, regardless of mobility issues or disability, will have the chance to experience and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.

Adaptions include entry equipment, under floor and inboard lifts.


The Order Process

  1. Browse our website and decide if you want a stock or custom-built caravan
    Our stock caravans are already built and ready for immediate purchase. Layout options have been fixed based on our knowledge of popular and successful previous customer requirements. We can still personalise the caravans with accessibility options and equipment to suit your individual needs.View our current Liberation models for sale.

    Alternatively opt for a custom-built caravan. A custom-built caravan can be built with your exact requirements in mind, and we will help create a bespoke design for you. The following information relates to custom-built Liberation Wheelchair Accessible Caravans.

  2. Calculate your vehicles towing capacity
    Before you begin your wheelchair accessible caravan journey it is important to consider the size of caravan you would like.  A big consideration is the amount your car can safely and legally tow.The towing capacity can be calculated from the kerb weight of the car, which can usually be found in the owner’s manual, a plate within the door sill or on the V5 registration document. The kerb weight is known as the “G: Mass in Service” on the V5.The maximum weight of the caravan should ideally be less than 85% of the kerb weight of the car, between 85% and 100% means it can be difficult to safely tow and legally the caravan must be no more than 100% of the kerb weight.You must also consider the type of license you have, if you passed before 1st January 1997 most drivers are able to tow up to a combined weight of 8250kg (car plus caravan weight) however after 1997 the combined weight was capped at 3500kg for category B licenses. To tow a combined weight exceeding this will require a further test.

    An example

    A popular tow car option is the Skoda Octavia, it’s 2.0 litre TDi model has a kerb weight of 1600kg, our CV540 Liberation caravan weighs around 1350kg and so would be 85% of the kerb weight of the car. Together the Skoda Octavia and the CV540 is 2950kg and would be suitable for drivers who have passed before and after 1997

    Example Caravan Dimensions:

    2 to 4 berth CV370
    Internal Length: 3880mm
    External Length: 4450mm
    Internal Width: 2050mm
    External Width: 2160mm
    Internal Height: 1930mm
    External Height: 2500mm
    Example Weight: 850kg
    4 berth CV450
    Internal Length: 4580mm
    External Length: 5150mm
    Internal Width: 2250mm
    External Width: 2360mm
    Internal Height: 1930mm
    External Height: 2500mm
    Example Weight: 1000kg
    4 to 6 berth CV540
    Internal Length: 5440mm
    External Length: 5950mm
    Internal Width: 2250mm
    External Width: 2360mm
    Internal Height: 1930mm
    External Height: 2520mm
    Example Weight: 1350kg
    7 berth CV620
    Internal Length: 6170mm
    External Length: 6730mm
    Internal Width: 2250mm
    External Width: 2360mm
    Internal Height: 1930mm
    External Height: 2520mm
    Example Weight: 1500kg

    The example weights are based on an average finish; however, the actual weight is dependent upon the layout design and equipment selected.

  3. Visit us for a demonstration, or arrange a home demonstration
    We have a large showroom in Elland, West Yorkshire which we would like to invite you to visit, and see the full Liberation range, so that we are able to demonstrate the widest range of options that are available to you. However, we also can offer free no obligation demonstrations across the UK.At your demonstration we will discuss all the options available to you and help assist with recommendations to make your future caravan holidays enjoyable and problem free.Liberation Range of wheelchair accessible caravans
  4. If you are happy to proceed, make a deposit payment and we will book your build slot
    At this stage you do not have to have the layout and options set in stone. Paying your deposit means we are able to allocate the next available build slot to creating your dream caravan.In the run up to the time your caravan build is due to start we will continue to work with you on the finer details of the design, so don’t let the amount of choices available prevent you from moving forward with your purchase.
  5. Finalise the design and optional extras ready for build
    Your build slot is booked, and you have had time to consider all options, we will then complete your final build specification and produce a detailed layout drawing which will require signing off before build can commence.
    Access Options:
    The most commonly selected access option is an automatic side lift, which can be controlled by remote control and stows away underneath the caravan when not required. They are easy for both the wheelchair user and career to operate. We can also fit semi-automatic lifts which require the career to unfold the lift, which is lightweight and easy to do, but does require the career to be able to lift and bend, and then the lift electronically raises and lowers. The third option is wheelchair ramps, which is the lowest cost option but again requires the career to be physically fit enough to set up the ramps. A winch can be fitted to assist with access.
    Horton CV480 Lift EntryInternal Mobility Equipment:
    Hoists are the most commonly requested piece of mobility equipment. A hoist rail is fitted on the roof of the caravan where you require it. The hoist rail support system is built into the structure of the caravan during build, so it is important to decide at this stage whether a hoist is required. If you currently do not require a hoist but think that at a later date access to one may be helpful, you can future proof your caravan design by having just the hoist rail fitted and the electrical supply installed, but not include the hoist equipment, which can be fitted at a later date if and when required. The person hoist which is typically installed in our Liberation wheelchair accessible caravans is a semi-automatic hoist, which electrically lifts the person and then is manually guided along the hoist rail by the career, with the hoist taking the weight. It is a cost effective and easy to operate hoist system. Alternatively, if your health did unexpectedly decline there are a range of portable hoists which we can recommend, which do not require any preinstallation.Horton CV480 HoistLeisure Accessories:
    An awning is another example of a piece of equipment which must be prepared for during build. We can supply you with prices and options at your request.
    Wheelchair Dimensions:
    We will ask you to provide us with your wheelchair access dimensions so that we can ensure the design and layout of your new caravan allows for plenty of space for maneuverability. However, all our layouts are spacious and open plan, including wide access wet room doors either with curtains or slide away tambour doors, designed with the wheelchair user in mind.
    Layout Approval:
    We will consider how you wish to use the caravan and both a day and night-time design will be produced. There’s a range of different bed options available, including single and double fixed beds, bunk beds, electric profiling beds, fold out sofa style beds, as well as high tech space saving electronically raising and lowering beds.

    Example Layout:

    The example below was built for a family of 4 with the father being the wheelchair user. From front to back has an open plan wet room suitable for wheelchair access, a set of bunk beds for the 2 children, a dinette which can be converted to an additional bed for occasional and guest use, and fixed rear double bed. The dinette comfortably seats 4 with the ability for the wheelchair user to sit in a wheelchair position around the table. The kitchen facilities include gas hob, sink, fridge and plenty of storage space including a full-length wardrobe.

    Other options that need to be finalised at this stage include Interior finishes. Our most popular options are shown below, however there are many more options available.

    A 2nd payment will be required prior to build; a payment schedule will have been discussed when you made your deposit payment so that you can prepare funds for the various stages, however this will be finalised only when the total cost of the build is confirmed and signed off.

    An example payment schedule is below;
    Total caravan cost; £25,000 – Starting price for the Liberation CV
    Deposit – £5,000 – paid when the build slot is booked
    Payment 2 – £10,000 – paid prior to stage 1 build after the caravan design is signed off
    Payment 3 – £5,000 – paid once stage 1 build is complete prior to the caravan being transported for stage 2 build
    Final balance – £5,000 – prior to handover

    The final balance may increase depending upon any extras required but these will always be discussed with you during the process.

  6. Caravan Build: Stage 1
    The caravan is built from the chassis up, to your exact requirements with your layout options, interior cosmetic finishes and the more practical features to make your new Liberation wheelchair friendly caravan a comfortable home from home. If you wish to register your new caravan with CRiS, the national register of UK touring caravan keepers, we will assist you with doing so.

    Benefits of CRiS registration:
    • Recognised by the regulatory bodies, insurance companies and government organisations such as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Department for Transport (DFT)
    • A unique VIN Chip pack – the industry standard in touring caravan identification and theft deterrent
    • Links a caravan’s unique 17-digit VIN to a CRiS keeper record which Assists the police and enforcement
    • The total cost for a pre-registration check (£19.99) and registration (£45.00) combined is £64.99.

  7. Caravan build: Stage 2
    Once the first phase of build is completed a 3rd payment will be required as per your payment schedule.
    Your caravan is then transported from our build factory to our Brook Miller workshop for stage 2 build. This typically involves fitting of hoists, access options such as lifts and ramps, and any other specialist mobility equipment required.At this point we can either send you pictures of your new caravan, or alternatively you are welcome to visit us to check on progress.Horton CV480 Handover
  8. Caravan Safety and Security
    Whilst we are putting the finishing touches to your caravan, we recommend you look into insurance options for your new caravan. Depending upon which company you wish to insure with, they may require security devices to be fitted to your caravan for insurance purposes. If you would like our help with getting a caravan insurance quote, we work closely with Caravan Guard, who are a local company. They can assist with protecting your caravan against accidental damage, theft, storm, fire and flood with reassurance of a policy backed by a leading UK insurer, RSA.

    Caravan Tracking Systems and Security:

    Just let us know what you would like fitting, and we can make all the arrangements so that the devices are installed prior to handover day.
    We often fit Phantom systems, popular options include:

    Phantom Pro 3 (Thatcham Cat 6) –£499 + Subscription
    The Tracker either connects to the Alarm or fitted with a motion switch
    With all of our trackers you would get the “My Phantom” App and access to the online portal to view your caravan’s location and battery level etc. You will be alerted if the battery runs down or the power is tampered with. Your caravan will update its location each time it moves or every 12 hours if stationary.

    Phantom Vanguard Caravan Alarm –£325
    Wireless PIR, Wireless Door Switch option, Audible diagnostics to indicate source of trigger, Internal digital tilt sensor, Encrypted 4 button remote, Bedside 3 button remote with night mode
    Internal battery back up

    Phantom Caravan Sentinel Alarm & Tracking system – £575 fitted + Subscription
    Linked Alarm and tracking system that can be viewed on our ‘My Phantom’ App and allow you to check whether the alarm is armed/disarmed, and you can even arm/disarm your Alarm remotely.

    Subscription Options:
    £10.99 Monthly Subscription
    £125.00 Annual Subscription
    £399.00 5 Year Subscription

    As standard with all our caravan sales we will arrange for your caravan to have a habitation check and gas safety certificate prior to handover. We will also fit the caravan with a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, co2 alarm and smoke alarm as part of the pre-handover safety checks.

    However, if there is anything else you would like us to arrange on your behalf please just contact us and we will do all we can to assist.

  9. Handover day!
    We will invite you to our showroom in Elland, West Yorkshire for the caravan handover. However, delivery to your home address can also be arranged. A technician will be on hand to discuss the caravan operation and answer any final questions you may have.

Muir CV451 Handover


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