Liberation DV Wheelchair Accessible Day Van

A wheelchair accessible day van is a perfect option if you require more facilities than a standard wheelchair accessible vehicle but are not planning on sleeping overnight in the vehicle, and so do not need full motorhome facilities.

At Brook Miller Mobility we work closely with our customers to understand exactly what day van conversions they require from a new vehicle. We then create a bespoke design that works to your budget. Our Day Vans for sale offer the opportunity to go wherever you want without worrying about facility constraints.

We have been building and converting wheelchair accessible vehicles for over 20 years. We’re more than happy to discuss all mobility, access and adaptions with you in detail to ensure you get the perfect vehicle.


Day Van Options

Toilet Facilities

The most common requirement for a day van is toilet facilities. No more worrying about where the nearest service station is whilst on a day out. We have a range of neatly concealed portable chemical toilets that can be discreetly incorporated into your day van layout.

Wet Room

Where more substantial bathroom facilities are required, these can be included within larger base vehicle options. Options can include fold away changing tables and hoists as well as a wide range of other toileting and bathroom equipment. This can be specifically tailored to your exact needs to overcome any challenges you face.

Kitchen Facilities

We can include kitchen facilities within a day van layout, whether it’s a microwave, hob, fridge or sink. As our vehicles are built to a bespoke design you can include what you need and leave out what you don’t.

Fridges are a common request especially for customers who need to store medical equipment. These come in a wide range of size options.

Wheelchair tie downs and seating options

If you need a day van conversion that enables you to travel in your wheelchair, we can fit wheelchair tie downs to allow for this. Seating layouts are completely customisable in day van vehicles. Whether it’s a seat alongside the wheelchair position to ensure a carer is close at hand, or enough seats for the whole family. Talk us through how you need your vehicle to work and we can design a bespoke seating arrangement.

Hoist and mobility equipment

Person hoists can take the strain, enabling easy movement throughout a vehicle. A semi-automatic ceiling mounted person hoist is a very popular option. These electronically lift the user to the height required and then their carer can guide the hoist along the ceiling rail, with the hoist taking the weight. The ceiling rail can be designed to fit where required, commonly between the wheelchair position and the toilet facilities, but also to transfer a wheelchair user between their wheelchair and the front seats, which when swivel front seats are used means the wheelchair passenger can travel upfront in the vehicle.

Accessibility options

Vehicles can be made wheelchair accessible using ramps or lifts to the side or rear of the vehicle.

A popular option in a wheelchair accessible day van is access via an under-floor side lift, which lifts the user up to floor level entry and exit and then stows away under the outside of the vehicle. This then leaves the whole area behind the two front seats clear to secure the wheelchair whilst in motion.

Wheelchair hoists and stowage can also be fitted, and we can discuss the wide range of options with you to ensure your needs will be met.

Other things to consider

Think about the equipment you transport on a daily basis. What will make having a family day out as easy as possible? Just make a list and bring it to us. Whether it’s charging points in handy locations, storage solutions for healthcare supplies or any other essentials for everyday journeys.

Perhaps you want to visit family and friends? But their homes do not have the facilities you require for a hassle-free visit. With a day van you can take the facilities with you.

We understand every customer is different and this is why our vehicles are built to bespoke designs.

Get in touch

Please contact us with your requirements for a day van conversion and we will be pleased to work with you on a custom design.

We have a large showroom in Elland, West Yorkshire which we would like to invite you to visit, and see the full Liberation range, so that we are able to demonstrate the widest range of options that are available to you.

However, we also can offer free no obligation demonstrations across the UK.


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