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Wheelchair Accessible Van Conversion

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What is the Liberation VC?

The liberation VC is our wheelchair accessible van conversion campervan; built within the shell of a van, to create a luxurious and well-equipped living space.


Using the vans existing large 1.3m sliding door for wheelchair access and with the option of retaining the existing rear access depending upon the layout you choose. Wheelchair accessibility is provided by an underfloor wheelchair access lift, with semi-automatic or fully automatic options.


Van conversion motorhomes generally have a longer lead time than a coachbuilt motorhome as the van must be factory ordered, however this gives you more specification options than the Coachbuilt motorhomes, whose chassis’ we keep in stock (*subject to availability).


The Liberation VC is most often built within the Fiat Ducato or VW Crafter, although other makes and models can be accommodated – please enquiry for more information and suitability.


A custom-build Van Conversion motorhome offers flexibility in the desired layout, as well as a wide range of internal and external vehicle options to suit your needs.

Accessible Van Conversion:

Liberation VC Featured

Which van conversion is the right choice for me?

The make and models of van’s that, from our experience, are best suited to a van conversion motorhome are the Fiat Ducato and Volkswagen Crafter.


The Fiat Ducato is an extremely popular and has the title of being Europe’s most sought after chassis for motorhomes. The Fiat Ducato is available only with front-wheel drive and has a 2.3-litre engine, with options from 120bhp to 180bhp. It is an understated vehicle, but one that is reliable and delivers, with the added benefit of being very fuel efficient. One of the Ducato’s main selling points is its 9-speed automatic gearbox. Gear changes are so smooth and quick, you will barely notice them. The suspension provides a comfortable drive and steering is nicely weighted. It has a well-designed cab interior. The driving position and mirrors provides good visibility and safety features are also to a very high standard on the Fiat. As well as a panel van, the Ducato is available as a chassis cab, which we use for our Liberation CB Coachbuilt motorhome.


The Volkswagen Crafter is a more expensive option, but you can see and feel the additional quality that makes the extra money worthwhile. Previously Volkswagen and Mercedes shared the same platform for the Crafter and Sprinter, however when the deal ended Volkswagen spent an enormous amount designing a brand-new Crafter, which has really paid off. It has a 2.0 litre four-cylinder diesel engine, ranging from 101bhp to a twin-turbocharged 174bhp. It’s power and torque feel immediate and braking performance is just as impressive, with steering that is very response, you really feel in charge of the vehicle when driving. Options include front-wheel, rear-wheel, and four-wheel drive options. The six-speed manual gearbox is smooth and comfortable, but the eight-speed automatic is a game changer. The Crafter has the huge advantage, as one of the newest vans on the market, that its technology and safety features are the most advanced and up to date, which helps place it ahead of its competitors as a firm new favourite.


If you want the best available van on the market for your new van conversion motorhome and have the extra budget the Volkswagen Crafter is what we would recommend. However, there are great reasons why the Fiat Ducato is such a popular van and should definitely not be overlooked.

What are the different types of van conversions?

The make and model of van’s that are best suited to a van conversion motorhome are the Fiat Ducato or VW Crafter.

Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato’s MY20 range is broken down into 4 trim levels, Standard, Tecnico, Shadow Edition and Sportivo.

Within the Standard, Tecnico and Sportivo specifications there is a further option to upgrade to Fiat’s 9 speed automatic transmission.

Volkswagen crafter

Volkswagen have two specification options within the Crafter range: the Startline or Trendline

The lists above are just a selection of the features available on the two model types and were correct at the time of writing, to get the best feel of which base vehicle you would prefer we recommend visiting the Fiat and Volkswagen websites, where you will find the complete and most up to date information available.

What size van conversions are available?

The Fiat Ducato has two height size options suitable for use as a van conversion motorhome, “H2” is the medium roof van which measures in at 2.52m providing 1.93mm internal height, or the “H3” high roof option at 2.76m externally gives 2.17m internally. The Volkswagen in comparison has a “High Roof” option at 2.59m external and 1.96m internal, or “Super High Roof” at 2.79m externally and 2.19m internally. Comparatively speaking, although named differently, both vans offer very similar height options.


There is very little difference between the van widths. The Fiat Ducato is 1.87m wide internally and 2.05m external width. The Volkswagen Crafter measures in marginally narrower at 1.83m wide internally and 2.04m externally.


The length options between the Fiat Ducato and Volkswagen Crafter is where the two start to differ in terms of sizes. Fiat offer a “L3” length at 5.99m which makes a lovely compact van conversion. The “L4” is the most popular size for a Fiat Ducato motorhome at 6.36m for those requiring a little extra space.  Volkswagen also have a Crafter “Medium Wheelbase” at just less than 6m, their “Long Wheelbase” is 6.83m which is a greater step up in size than Fiat offer, plus their “Maxi Long Wheelbase” which measures in at a substantial 7.39m.


The size of base vehicle you opt for is personal preference but will have a big impact upon what layout options are available for your van conversion motorhome. We will work with you to create a bespoke layout for you based on your requirements and recommend a van size based on this.


However, if you have any specific requirements such as storage or access requirements then this is a key consideration.

What size van conversions is best?

Considering the license which you hold, and any other drivers of your future van conversion motorhome, will have an impact upon which options of vans that will be available for you. For drivers who hold the C1 license they can drive vehicles up to a maximum weight of 7,500kg. C1 license holders are typically those who passed their test prior to 1997 or who have taken an additional test. Otherwise, you will most likely have the category B license, which is limited to 3,500kg.


Most of our van conversion motorhomes can be built within a 3,500kg maximum weight, depending upon the layout and options selected. However, if your license allows for it, vans with a higher maximum weight can be ordered, which will provide a greater payload.


Payload is the difference between the maximum weight of the motorhome and the actual weight of the motorhome unladen – the payload is the maximum weight you can carry within the motorhome. Alternatively, van conversion motorhomes can have their chassis weight uprated post build, however this often requires air suspension or other adaptions to the vehicle to make it safe for the larger weight capacity.

How much does the Liberation Van Conversion cost?

The starting price of a Liberation Van Conversion Motorhome is very much dependent upon the choice of base vehicle van and specification required. Please enquire for more information. 

Once you decide to purchase a deposit will be taken to confirm the order, whilst we work on the layout and specification required, once these designs are signed off a second payment will then be required and the van will then be ordered.

When the vehicle has arrived a third payment will be due prior to build; a payment schedule will have been discussed when you made your deposit payment so that you can prepare funds for the various stages, however this will be finalised only when the total cost of your bespoke build with the options you have selected is confirmed and signed off.

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