Wheelchair Swivel Seats



The car seat that transforms into a wheelchair that simply swivels the user out of the car and docks to the Carony chassis. The entire seat then easily ­slides onto the chassis and becomes a standard ­wheelchair. Going into the car is the same simple procedure in reverse.

Turny Evo with Carony Go

Turny Evo with Carony Go

The Carony Go is a powered wheelchair version in the Carony family. Carony Go is a class B wheelchair with a user weight limit of 120 kg. The chair is CE-labelled and approved to Swedish Handicap Institute requirements for power wheelchairs.The user remains comfortably seated while transferring from the Carony Go wheelchair into the vehicle. It acts as a normal powered wheelchair once the user has exited. With a Max speed of 6.5km/h and a Max range of 25 km on one charge.
Crash tested and approved.