Avondale Frystar Axcess 55 Bespoke Caravan Adaptations

“We recently have used the team at Brook Miller Mobility to install an electric lift to our wheelchair accessible caravan as well as do a few small repairs and undertake a habitation check.


From the moment we arrived EVERY member of staff we had contact with was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and caring.


Nothing was too much trouble and the whole experience was fantastic. The lift is perfect and will make life with the caravan so much easier. We can’t recommend the team and service highly enough.”

Mr and Mrs Mann

Leisure Vehicle Modification Assessment

The customers visited Brook Miller Mobility for their Leisure Vehicle Modification Assessment. They spoke with our Brook Miller engineers regarding the issues with the caravan in its current condition, and what we can do to help.


The main issue that needed addressing was wheelchair access. We took the customer’s wheelchair information and measurements to check against the door measurements and wheelchair-accessible lift options.


Another subject which was discussed was the caravan motor mover. Its current location was not compatible with installing the wheelchair access lift. It was discussed whether the customers wanted to have the motor mover removed, relocated to a new location, or whether they would like a new motor mover as the customers mentioned that the current one was unreliable and often didn’t work.

The customers were due to have their annual habitation check on the caravan, which is strongly recommended as good practice for owning a leisure vehicle. A habitation check ensures that everything within the caravan is working correctly and safely, as well as helps spot any potential issues before they become expensive problems. 


The customers mentioned that one of their roof vents appears to have a small leak and asked us to look at this.


Finally, we spoke with the customers to see whether they have tested the wheelchair inside the caravan. We were looking to check whether there was space the manoeuvre the wheelchair and if there were any areas inside the caravan which were of concern, as this is something we can also assist with, if required.

Bespoke Adaptations

The customer was not planning to use their caravan for a little while, so when they brought it in for the assessment, opted to leave it in our workshop (which is fully insured and secure), so that we could provide a quotation, and undertake the modifications.


We found a wheelchair-accessible lift option which suited the customer’s needs, plus had the added benefit of working with the existing caravan door, to minimise costs for the customer as fewer alterations were needed to the caravan, than if the door required altering.


It was decided, rather than relocating the motor mover, that we would remove it. We provided the customers with a quote as a guide price should they wish to have a new motor mover fitted later.


We booked the customer’s caravan in for its annual habitation check with an independent caravan and motorhome engineer. We agreed to check all the roof vents prior to the habitation check so that we could reseal anything which we felt might be causing issues.


Following the consultation, the customers did not feel anything inside the caravan needed modifying. They were happy with the wheelchair access within. The customers are aware that if they found anything they were struggling with access-wise once they begin using the caravan, we could always address that for them later.

The Completed Conversion

We are so pleased with the final adaptations we were able to provide for this customer. We found the Avondale Frystar Axcess caravan very well suited to the Autolift F6 Evo wheelchair access lift which was fitted.


The Autolifts are very easy to operate, with a straightforward 4-button controller. The wired controller has a long cable. It can be controlled by either the wheelchair user, a family member or career.


The F6 Evo lift in motion is very smooth and has a maximum lifting weight of 150kg, with platform dimensions measuring 76cm wide, and 103cm in length, and so are compatible with a huge range of wheelchairs.


When the lift is not in use, it stores away neatly underneath the caravan, in a slim cassette housing, which still provided plenty of ground clearance once fitted.

Can we help you?

The Avondale Frystar Axcess 55 Caravan is a particularly good option for anyone considering a used caravan purchase, with Brook Miller Mobility able to provide a wheelchair access lift option. It has the benefit of having already been designed for a wheelchair user, and so the modifications required are often less than with a standard caravan.


The current global production issues affecting vehicle manufacturing and parts production have had a huge impact on new vehicle production. They are adding lengthy delays for many customers looking to purchase new leisure vehicles from most manufacturers.


We are finding more customers are opting to purchase a used or nearly new caravan, which is then able to be adapted to meet their individual requirements.


If you have an existing caravan or motorhome, or you are looking to purchase one, speak to a member of our team about what access options and mobility adaptations may be possible for you.


We offer home consultations, or you are welcome to visit our showroom. We can also arrange to assess a caravan or motorhome prior to you committing to a purchase so that we can see whether the changes you require are possible.


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