Bailey Autograph Bespoke Motorhome Adaptations

Following a long search for a company to carry out works to our motorhome we contacted Brook-Miller Mobility who invited us to their premises with the van for a chat. After a guided tour of the workshops, we felt very comfortable for the required works to be carried out. Throughout the whole process, communication was excellent and found them very easy to deal with.  When we picked the van up, the work was to a very high standard and was exactly to our specification and what had been discussed. 

I’d highly recommend this company and would certainly have no hesitation in using them again..

Mr and Mrs Hutton

Leisure Vehicle Modification Assessment

Mr and Mrs Hutton contacted Brook Miller Mobility regarding a modification they felt necessary on their much-loved Bailey Autograph motorhome.


The motorhome was perfect for them in nearly every way, except that Mrs Hudson was finding accessing the manual drop-down bed was becoming a little challenging, so they hoped there was a way to modify it to make access more comfortable.


We offered an at-home consultation, as part of our bespoke modification service. The home consultation does come with a small fee, depending upon location, however, this is refundable against the cost of any work agreed upon, should you decide to go ahead.


The Hutton’s however opted to visit our workshop in Elland, West Yorkshire, as they felt this was the best way to access what was possible for them within the motorhome, and an opportunity to see the huge range of accessible vehicles and adaptations that are possible through Brook Miller Mobility.


They booked an out-of-hours appointment on a Saturday morning and came in to meet with our Managing Director Adrian, and chief engineer Mick.


They discussed the aspects of the motorhome that Mr and Mrs Hutton wanted to modify. We then inspected the motorhome and found the conversion was possible.


Much to the Hutton’s delight, who had already had a long search, and struggled to find a company willing and able to take on the conversion. 


If something is physically possible, there isn’t much that we can’t do, here at Brook Miller Mobility!

Bespoke Adaptations

During the Leisure Vehicle Modification Assessment, where the challenges with the motorhome were discussed, we found it was just the drop-down manual bed that the Hutton’s needed addressing.


We found that we needed to lower the overall height which the bed could come down to, making access easier. This would also mean that the step ladder for access would no longer be needed.


The Hutton’s asked us if we could make the bed mechanisms electric, to replace the manual operations, which were making setting up the bed into a chore. All of this was well within our capabilities.


We had to look at the furniture underneath the bed; a dinette seating area, to see which parts of the furniture would restrict the bed from coming down as low as possible, and see what modifications were required.

The Completed Conversion

The pictures below show the finished conversion. In the first image, the modified dinette area is shown. The cupboard on the left has changed orientation, to house the electric motor which was fitted. The new position makes the cupboard as unobtrusive as possible, to achieve the lowest bed height possible.

The seat and side panels were re-modelled, to again allow the bed to drop to a lower position that the original furniture allowed. 



To set up the bed for the evening, all the Hutton’s must do is remove the top sofa cushions into the gap between the dinette seats, push the lowering button and they are ready for a great nights sleep in their lovely motorhome.


I think you will agree, we have managed to retain the original look of the vehicle, whilst adding a much-needed accessory. It is always our goal when addressing bespoke modifications, to make it appear as thought nothing has changed within the leisure vehicle, if you did not know this was not the original feature.


We feel we have achieved this for the Hutton’s, and we hope they will be very happy with their new electric drop-down bed, and that the ease of access provided through our modifications will make their trips away even more enjoyable.



Can we help you?

Brook Miller Mobility, through our Bespoke Modification Service, take on huge adaptation projects, including modifying whole caravan and motorhomes from standard designs to fully wheelchair-accessible leisure vehicles.


Recent projects include a brand-new motorhome, in which we installed a wide access wheelchair entry door, and wheelchair access lift, modified the bathroom to make an accessible bedroom and altered a whole host of internal furniture.


However, if like the Hutton’s, you have a motorhome or caravan which you love, and is 95% perfect for you, except for one or two aspects, you can still benefit from our Bespoke Modification Service.


Brook Miller Mobility are happy to help, no matter how large or small the job, to ensure your motorhome or caravan suits your ever-changing needs if you find you any aspect of the leisure vehicle is becoming challenging.


Please contact a member of our team, who will be happy to help arrange your In-Store or At-Home Assessment and discuss your Bespoke Modifications.


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