Bailey Pegasus Grande Bespoke Caravan Adaptations

“A huge thank you to Adrian and Brook Miller for what you have done for us. I am unable to fly, and our modified caravan will be providing us with the next 10 years plus of holidays and short breaks away. I cannot say how much this means to us.


We are both over the moon with the outcome and have already recommended you to several other disabled people who we know.


We hope this brings new business for you and makes a great company into an icon for all to see, not just in the disabled world, but for all customers to challenge the norm and strive for that little extra in life.


We have had such a fantastic experience with Brook Miller. Many thanks to the team, as without them this just wouldn’t be possible. Thank you.

Sam and Chris Hansford

Leisure Vehicle Modification Assessment

Chris contacted Brook Miller by email to find out what options were available to make a caravan accessible for his wheelchair. He had not yet purchased a caravan but was looking for something suitable.


We discussed his requirements and made some recommendations for what would make a suitable option for converting into a wheelchair-accessible caravan.


Chris then went on to search for his ideal caravan and found a Bailey Pegasus Grande 2020 model caravan which suited his requirements.

Bespoke Adaptations

Once we had confirmed we could do the conversion required to the caravan to provide the wheelchair access, and Chris had purchased the Bailey Pegasus Grande, the caravan was booked into our workshop for the bespoke adaptations.


The adaptations which were required were for a wide access door to be installed, complete with channel access ramps and a wheelchair winch for easier access.


We measured for the new door, to ensure it was compatible with Chris’s wheelchair, and checked the measurements against the existing features of the caravan. The furniture to the left of the door as you enter the caravan would need to be modified.


The original door was 1700mm x 620mm. The new door measurements were set at 1770mm by 830mm, the new door would be made as a bespoke one-off piece for Chris.


Because of the original caravan vinyls, we would also need to have new vinyl stickers made for the caravan, to keep the original look and finish of the caravan. This is due to where the vinyl decals run across the caravan door.


The interior furniture would need adapting to allow Chris wheelchair access. The area affected is a dinette sofa area, with overhead cupboards which would need the cupboards shortening and retrimming, plus the cushioned area re-upholstering.


Additional items agreed within the bespoke adaptations include fitting a new fly screen compatible with the additional door width, plus an angled treat plate to assist with wheelchair access.

To further enable wheelchair access an electric wheelchair winch would be fitted.

The Completed Conversion

We are absolutely delighted that we were able to provide Chris with the wheelchair access into his caravan which he was looking for.


Our bespoke adaptation service allowed Chris the opportunity to shop around for the perfect caravan for him, rather than being limited to caravans specifically designed for wheelchair use, or caravans that had previously been converted.


The combination of wide access caravan door, removable channel ramps and an electric winch is a great choice for simple but effective wheelchair access into a caravan.


We are particularly pleased by the interior finish we achieved with the furniture modifications, as, if you didn’t know the caravan had been modified, we feel you could not tell looking at it now. 


We have retained the original look and feel of the original caravan, both with the interior finish, but also externally, replicating the original caravan graphics on the new widened door.

Leisure Vehicle Adaptations

Can we help you?

If you have a motorhome or caravan which no longer meets your needs, or you are looking to purchase one with wheelchair access, speak to a member of the Brook Miller team.

Using our new bespoke leisure vehicle modification service, we are able to advise you about the wide range of options available to you. These include, adapting a motorhome or caravan, which is of standard specification, to include a wide range of features for wheelchair access and disability.


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