The 4 Best New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles on the Market

When you need to accommodate a wheelchair for yourself or a loved one in your vehicle, you need a car that is both functional and stylish. You need to be able to rely on your vehicle to be properly accessible for a wheelchair, and many of the new wheelchair accessible vans are both reliable and cool.

We’re going to go over 4 of the best new accessible van options that you can opt for. These options are cool, functional, and affordable. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Fiat Qubo


Fiat Qubo

The Fiat Qubo is a smart and sleek looking Italian car that has zip, speed, and wheelchair accessibility. We wanted to start this list by giving you one of the more compact and smaller options on the market.

A small ramp allows for wheelchair access to the backseat while still allowing for two front seats. Depending on the size of the wheelchair, you can also fit a third seat in the back next to the wheelchair spot.

2. Renault Master


Renault Master

Let’s jump from a small option to one of the larger wheelchair accessible vans you can get. There are three distinct sizes of the Renault Master van, each with different roof heights. Different colours also allow you to make this van your own unique ride.

A rear lift provides wheelchair access to the back seat. There are two seats in the front along with two in the back seat next to the wheelchair allowing for 5 total occupants.

3. Volkswagen Shuttle Centro


Volkswagen Shuttle T6 Centro

This award-winning accessible van has a light and easily manageable ramp to allow for wheelchair access. Another benefit to this van is it positions the wheelchair between other occupants.

Many other types of vans like this put the wheelchair occupant behind all other occupants, which can feel isolating. Sitting between other riders makes for a more classic driving experience for the person in the wheelchair.

The two size options also allow for all needs. The short wheelbase option can fit 4 people along with one wheelchair occupant while the long wheelbase option fits six seats and two wheelchairs.

4. Volkswagen Shuttle Rear Lift Internal Transfer


Volkswagen T6 Rear Tail Lift Wheelchair Access

Lastly, we want to give you an option for those who are able to transfer from their scooter or wheelchair into a different seat. This is another Volkswagen option; you’ll find many great Volkswagens that are wheelchair accessible, which is why you’ll find two on this list alone.

The wheelchair or scooter can enter through either the side via a ramp, or through the rear via a hydraulic lift. Once inside the vehicle, there are areas to secure the wheelchair/scooter along with the ability to swivel 90 degrees so the occupant can then transfer safely into a different seat.

The Best New Wheelchair Accessible Vans: Wrapping Up

Choosing a new wheelchair accessible vehicle can be challenging: you want it to be safe, reliable, and something you won’t mind driving around for the foreseeable future.

These four options have different benefits, but all of them are functional, stylish, and reliable.

If you need more information about these or any other vans, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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