Engineering Bespoke Passenger Solutions at Brook Miller Mobility

Here at Brook Miller Mobility, we’ve been providing wheelchair accessible vehicles designed and engineered to make travel easy and enjoyable for wheelchair and mobility scooter users for over two decades. Now, for those who have assistance requirements over and above simply entering and exiting the vehicle, our specialist vehicle adaptations team provides bespoke passenger solutions, designing vehicles equipped with additional support facilities required by individual disabled people and their carers.

A need for proper changing facilities

Historically, the Motability scheme had received many requests for proper changing facilities in vehicles, with platforms and person hoists. Brook Miller worked closely with Motability, travelling the country to visit families with more complex needs to establish exactly what people needed and wanted. Public changing facilities are often completely inadequate, which meant that many people were extremely limited in how far they could travel and how long they could be away from home.

In addition, the lack of facilities to safely administer more complex medications was also a limiting factor in terms of quality of life. Although all Bespoke Passenger Solutions are different, this research work has enabled Brook Miller to establish a benchmark specification over these two vital areas, with additional bespoke solutions over and above to provide vehicles tailored to individual needs.

Vehicles individual to your needs

Our engineering team works closely with our clients to provide the perfect match to specific requirements. We aim to build the ideal vehicle from the ground up, incorporating not only hydraulic lifts and safe rear wheelchair space but also additional assistance to match individual needs.

Our objective is to help people to make the journeys they choose and need to take and to ensure these journeys are straightforward, safe and comfortable, incorporating the additional vehicle adaptations individuals may require. From person hoists, changing facilities, screens and curtains to sensory equipment and secure storage for medicines, our team will build a vehicle designed around a person and their needs.

Flexibility for any journey

We aim to create flexible transport solutions that work well for individuals as well as for family days out when required, where additional options such as changing facilities may make the world of difference in enabling families to undertake journeys together in comfort and with the right support equipment.

We can offer vehicles with different platform lengths and high roof options, fully tested, designed and built to the highest standards, designed to change lives and open up new possibilities.

For more information, contact Brook Miller Mobility on 01422 376 645 or pay us a visit today at our mobility superstore. You may also be eligible for a grant through Motability for bespoke passenger solutions.


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