4 Essential Vehicle Adaptations for a Wheelchair Accessible Van

There are some with disabilities have the fear that it will be hard for them to purchase a vehicle or that driving is almost an impossibility for them.

This is actually not the case, with the right modifications it can be simple and easy to get on the road. Here are four wheelchair accessible van adaptations you should consider.

Young man in transfer seat of van

Steps for a Wheelchair Accessible Van

One of the steps you will have to take to get your license if you have a disability is to make sure your vehicle is equipped to accommodate you. These are just a few things you can have added to your vehicle.

Person Hoists

If you have little to no mobility in your legs and still want the freedom and fun of travel, a person hoist is something you should probably look into.

With this adaptation can lift you gently and safely out of your vehicle and into your comfy driver/passenger seat.

They come in a variety of weight options and are easy to detach and store. If you don’t like the idea of hoists, transfer plates can also give you similar freedom.

Transfer Plates

Transfer plates are a platform that exists on the outer edge of your seat that you can pivot in and out of position.

They can come in either manual or electric powered and will help you getting from a seated position to a standing on to get out of your vehicle and into your wheelchair.

They are great for those of all levels of mobility. Another great method of getting in and out of your vehicle is the marvel that is swivel seats.

Swivel Seats

The swivel seat base is usually electronically powered. It allows your seat to slide up and down and backward and forward.

The advantage of this is that it will allow you to easily transfer from your wheelchair in the centre section of your van to the drivers’ position.

This also helps with getting out of the driver’s seat and back into your wheelchair as well. Another awesome electronic advancement that can give you a similar sense of freedom is Turny/Turny Orbits.

Turny/Turny Orbit

This adaptation is great for tall vehicles such as your van. It provides you easy access to an automotive seat.

it’s a really awesome seat that actually comes out of the vehicle and lowers itself to the ground.

This virtually eliminates the usual twisting and turning that happens when you are trying to get yourself from your wheelchair into a higher vehicle.

This helps avoid unwanted strain and possible injury that comes with forcing yourself to get into a vehicle that’s really high off the ground.

Adapt Your Vehicle to Fit Your Needs

By adapting your vehicle into a wheelchair accessible van, you will open up so many doors to yourself that weren’t possible before. If you have requirements beyond just entering and exiting the vehicle you should also see the post on bespoke passenger solutions, these vehicles can also incorporate changing facilities and more.

You will enjoy the freedom of travel and will avoid missing special moments like a child’s graduation, or a family camping trip.

For more information on how you can make the change to adapt your vehicle, click here to view our options.


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September 20, 2023 3:26 pm

I have a vauxall vivaro which has been turned into a camper. Is it possible to have a side ramp/lift for wheelchair, so can take wife out.

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