Bespoke Foot Pedal Steering Adaptation Gets Elaine’s New Lexus Mobile

Recently one of our regular customers, Elaine, was in store for a range of custom adaptations to her Lexus. This would allow full independence in all aspects of the vehicle and uniquely included a foot pedal steering adaption.

Elaine has been a customer of Brook Miller Mobility for many years. She has kindly allowed us to share photos of when she received her Lexus complete with the new adaptations.

Bespoke Vehicle Adaption Design


Bespoke Foot Pedal Steering Adaption

Elaine is now on her sixth vehicle converted by our team. She was still enjoying the summer sunshine in her Saab convertible when she brought the Lexus into our workshop for assessment.

The vehicle is assessed for a personal fitting with the customer. We look at general accessibility, the seat position and understand which controls are currently operable by the user and which need alternations. This is where our team of engineers come in to play. With over 30 years of knowledge in the industry, they are able to design and manufacture all the necessary adaptations. Making the vehicle user friendly, comfortable and enjoyable to drive.

This is what Brook Miller does best, overcoming any challenges you may have to supply a car that works for you. View the adaptations page for more information about what we can do or contact a member of our team on 0800 064 4454 to discuss your requirements. Your vehicle does not need to be brand new or purchased through Brook Miller Mobility to have adaptations made.

Back to Elaine’s Lexus! Changes made to the vehicle included;

Mechanical foot pedal steering designed for electric steering column


Bespoke Foot Pedal Steering Adaption

This is a fully mechanical solution that allows for foot pedal steering. Elaine would be able to operate the steering using her left leg on a rotating footplate.

This adaptation does not alter the standard steering wheel. This remains in place and will turn with the footplate when the foot steering is operated. This means that the car can still be used by any other driver. The footplate can come with a cover to be used when someone other than Elaine is driving.

Re-positioned accelerator and brake pedals


Bespoke Foot Pedal Steering Adaption

The accelerator and brake pedals were relocated in the Lexus to make sure there is plenty of room for Elaine to operate the steering footplate with ease. These were moved to a position Elaine felt most comfortable with as discovered during the design consultation.

Lower body altered controls for indicators, lights, wipers

Our team relocated the controls for the indicator, lights and wipers to work alongside the accelerator and brake pedals. They are connected in such a way that whilst Elaine is using her feet to control the steering, acceleration and braking she is also able to use her toes for the additional controls of indicator, lights and wipers. All the controls can be operated using her lower body.

Modified gear lever

By turning the gear lever 90 degrees and the angle slightly to the left Elaine can control the gears using both her foot and knee. Furthermore we added padding and a new leather cover to make the controls more comfortable. 

Amended Seat Belt

Changes made to the seat belt involved bringing the seat belt bar round the headrest so that the belt sits lower. We also extended the length of the belt so that Elaine is able to reach and fasten the belt more easily.

Modified external door handle

A leather strap matching the colour of the external paint work was added to the door handle. This provides more grip for Elaine when opening the door.

Foot operated electronic tailgate

Installing a foot operated electronic tailgate which Elaine can operate by touch with her foot involved moving the original touch button. This is usually found above head height once the boot is opened. This was relocated to the lower bumper of the Lexus.

Elaine’s testimonial after receiving her adapted Lexus

I have just had my car adapted with foot steering by Brook Miller for the 2nd time. The expertise of Mick who has been with Brook Miller for several years and is responsible for foot steering is second to none. He had worked for other companies prior to Brook Miller, also undertaking foot steering. So has in all converted 5 cars for me, each a different make and model.

The Brook Miller experience is very different to other companies who have completed adaptations in the past, who have had a bit of a Heath Robinson approach – if it works it doesn’t matter how it looks. Brook Miller are quite the opposite and present a converted car that still looks good.

The whole team from admin to workshop staff are friendly and helpful. They have a beautiful common room with a full kitchen and a huge dinning table where the staff congregate to eat and have ‘take-away’ days promoting team spirit. Whilst there you are included in this family and treated as one of them.

Finally, I was presented with a wonderful bouquet and an amazing hamper from a local farm shop. This was in fact to thank me for my patience, as the work had taken a little longer than anticipated. This wasn’t down to bad planning but the fact they had never adapted a Lexus for foot steering. Apparently, the steering is electronic and not hydraulic and this necessitated Mick redeveloping his steering system. This works like a dream and has retained the progressive steering negating the need for any lightening of the steering for the first time ever.

Mick worked 2 full weekends and evenings to get my car to me as quickly as possible as other planned work had to be done during the days. This is the dedication of the staff and the owner as of course these ‘out of hours’ worked were overtime and costly, but the quote was completely honoured.

I have been delighted by my two experiences of Brook Miller and in turn they are tremendously lucky to have Mick working within their team. He is totally dedicated and what matters to you matters to Mick and Brook Miller.

Elaine Hulme

Can Brook Miller Mobility help you?


Bespoke Foot Pedal Steering Adaption

Elaine’s Lexus is probably one of few vehicles in the country that has had such a complete redesign of so many of the key vehicle controls including the unique foot pedal steering adaption. Brook Miller are proud of what has been achieved with all the key controls now operable using the lower body only. This enables Elaine to be fully independent when using her vehicle.

Whether you require a total rethink of the way you operate a car, or just a few small alterations to make driving more comfortable and relaxing we are here to help, contact us today. Alternatively ask us anything in the comments section below.



Fadi Refat
June 18, 2021 7:00 pm

My name is Fadi I have special needs, I do not have hands and I want to drive a car, and I saw your devices, can you help me?

June 22, 2021 12:16 pm

Hi Fadi,
Please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help you.
Brook Miller Mobility

Melissa Wilson
September 4, 2022 6:10 pm

My mom drives with her feet. She has no use of her arms. She used to have a steering wheel device her foot would slide into to. Kinda like the old suicide knobs. Your company looks amazing. This is an amazing opportunity for people with disabilities. We are in the U.S. This is so needed here.

September 4, 2022 6:24 pm

Hello Do you know if this adaption if available in the United States

September 5, 2022 11:47 am

Hi Kimberly. We have no knowledge of anyone out of the UK doing this adaptation and it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to do this ourselves, due to newer technology on steering in modern vehicles. I wish you luck and hope you find what you’re looking for.

December 19, 2023 2:27 pm

What a shame after years of being a loyal customer you no longer wish to provide her with adaptions for a new car.

December 19, 2023 3:45 pm

Hi Kevin,
Sorry we don’t offer this adaptation anymore. Modern vehicles are just making it too difficult to do this type of work. As previously discussed, there are other companies still offering foot steering.
Brook Miller

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