FOOT STEER GO-GO Elite Traveller Plus – The Rozmobile

My name is Roz Hepple, and I was born without arms, I am the second youngest of ten children and the only one with a physical disability. I am one of hundreds of middle-aged Europeans who still suffer from the effects of Thalidomide – I’m married to fellow Thalidomide survivor Robert Hepple (Bob).

I don’t really remember feeling frustrated by my disability while growing up. “It’s a combination of my own personality, my stubbornness, and my determination to do what needs to be done, using my feet.

I am now reaching a time in my life where my body is starting to fight back, I need to accept change, this is not a bad thing, just means I do things differently.

We visit yearly exhibition that take place around the UK and Europe, keeping up to date with new technology.

As always when we visit these shows, Bob has itchy fingers, looking to see what he can find and adapt, this year his mission was focused on me, and my need for a scooter, like many of us, I’m finding walking for long periods of time a bit of a bugger! You could say I am slightly in denial, as I have been avoiding the use of a scooter.

Identifying the scooter for me was easy, small, colour very important; I’m a girl, and for me to be able to operate it with my feet.

On a recent visit to see Adrian Westbrook, Managing Director of “Brook Miller Mobility Ltd” in Halifax, we (I mean Bob) approached the subject of converting a scooter for foot steering, once again my inner goddess wanted to cut n run, but escape I could not. We stood there in this showroom that had wall to wall, scooters of all sizes, little me surrounded by enthusiastic men, a challenge put before them, no pressure, go home, think about it but call me in the morning! Bob’s words ringing in my head “You need one”. We looked at the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 4 mobility scooter, as it is one of the most popular, portable and affordable mobility scooters on the market. The Go-Go Elite offers great manoeuvrability and stability, which allows the scooter to negotiate narrow hallways and tight spaces easily, ideal for those shops that insist on using every floor space possible.

I loved the classic design, easy to use controls and it also offers fantastic outdoor performance, perfect for my travels!
I put up a good fight but for every reason I gave for not buying one, they (the enthusiastic men) gave me more reasons why I should have one, I know they were all right; I’ve been putting off going to places I really would like to visit, because there is always too much walking.

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