How to Get a Mobility Car: Your Quick Guide to the Motability Scheme

If you’re disabled, having a mobility car can make a huge difference. Living in the UK, you might qualify to get one through Motability.

Motability Operations has been around since 1978. Since then, its mission is to help those who need mobility cars get one.

What exactly is the Motability Scheme? Do you qualify? And if so, how do you navigate the process?

You have a lot of questions, and we have a lot of answers. Our guide on how to get a mobility car will take you through each step of the scheme.

What Is The Motability Scheme?

The Motability scheme was created to help the disabled get around and remain active and as independent as possible. Today, there are around 630,000 people who take advantage of this wonderful program.

There are different tiers to the program. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one that’s best for you

Motability can help you find a mobility scooter, wheelchair accessible vehicle, or even lease a new car. You don’t even have to drive, either. Motability allows you to designate two drivers who can operate the vehicle on your behalf.

There are plenty of benefits of the Motability scheme designed to make the lease of your vehicle a worry-free experience. These include insurance arranged through RSA Insurance, breakdown assistance provided by RAC, servicing and maintenance, Kwik Fit tyres plus Motability’s award-winning customer service team.

Everything has been thought through for you, just add fuel and go.

What Are The Costs Associated With Mobility Vehicles?


Motability Vehicle

The Motability Scheme has an easy payment system. By exchanging your mobility payment, you can pay for a new car.

Here are the different kinds of allowances you can use with the Motability scheme: Subject to change and in line with benefit amount changes by DWP.

  • £145.35 weekly – Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • £59.75 weekly – Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HMRC DLA)
  • £66.75 weekly – War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • £59.75 weekly – Enhanced Rate of Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP)

Servicing costs, breakdown assistance, and insurance are covered by the scheme. Other things like oil and fuel insurance is provided with very modest excess payments and of course speeding fines are your responsibility!

What Determines Motability Eligibility?

Wondering if you’re eligible for the Motability scheme? There are a few requirements you have to meet first.

First of all, and most importantly, is the requirement that the car or wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) must be used by, or to benefit, the disabled person who is in receipt of the mobility payment. This is not to say the disabled person must be in the car every time it is used, but when they are not the journeys that are taken without that person should be benefiting them, for example, shopping and other errands.

You or your nominated driver(s) need to have a license and be in good standing, that do not have any driving citations.

Be in receipt of the above allowances following a medical assessment.

How To Get A Mobility Car

Now let’s look at how to apply for a mobility car.

The first decision is if you can fund the advance payments or if you are going to apply for a charitable grant from Motability, standard cars often have a zero advance payment and there are hundreds with very low amounts to pay, a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) can run into many thousands of pounds so a grant is a popular route for many customers.

The Motability Grant

A Motability Grant is available to a disabled person who would otherwise not be able to afford to pay the advance payment and is an individual means-tested application. Factors that can affect the outcome of the application include household circumstances, a financial situation such as whether you received income from paid employment and have any savings or investments, your disability or impairment and how it impacts your mobility plus any equipment you regularly travel with, amongst other factors.

Through the Motability program, you’ll have a few leasing options. For a standard car, you will have 60,000 miles, you can lease a vehicle for three years, or for a WAV its 100,000 miles, you can do five years.

First, pick out the vehicle that best meets your needs. You can choose from a scooter or powered wheelchair, a wheelchair accessible van, or a car.

Second, order your vehicle from a reputable dealership that works with the Motability scheme.

You might be able to trade in your old car during the process. If your plan requires an advance payment, this would need paying prior to hand over of your new car

What Car Can I Get On Mobility?

On the Motability website, you will find a handy car search guide for all the different cars and wheelchair accessible vehicles that are available through the Motability Scheme.

You first input what type of allowance you are in receipt of; Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HMRC DLA), Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP), War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement (WPMS) etc.

You can then input the details of your requirements to easily find a vehicle that will be suitable. If you are looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), this will include information such as whether you want ramp or lift access, side or rear entry. Also very important is the entry height, which is the measurement from the floor to the top of the door frame with a 50mm buffer. Comparing this to the seated height of the wheelchair user will determine what WAVs will be suitable.

Standard or wheelchair accessible vehicle?

WAV vehicles are most suitable if you are not able to transfer from your wheelchair to the car seat. They offer a greater level of independence as the standard vehicle is adapted to make it possible for a wheelchair user to remain in their wheelchair when the vehicle is moving.

If you are able to transfer into the car seat, it may be that a Motability car with a vehicle adaption is a more suitable option. Options include transfer plates, person hoists and swivel seats plus adaptions that help stow away your wheelchair or scooter independently. The real benefit of the Motability Scheme is their experience in matching the right car or WAV to the individual customer.

Once you have decided on whether you are shopping for a car or WAV you can then input the specification of the vehicle you are looking for, if you have a preference for fuel type and transmission. The number of seats you require, and you can also filter the results by make, model and convertor. You do not need to fill in every option, be as specific as you like, or fill it only the essential and have a good browse through the hundreds of options that are available through Motability.

A selection of vehicles available through the Motability Scheme at Brook Miller include but are not limited to;

Volkswagen Transporter / Shuttle – Rear Lift, Centro & Side Entry

Renault Trafic – Rear Lift

Renault Master

Find Your Mobility Car Today

Now that you know how to get a mobility car, you’re ready to go shopping!

There are a lot of great options out there waiting for you to drive them home. Contact us today and we’ll make the process of finding your mobility car even easier!



David Toulson
August 16, 2021 3:44 pm

I suffer spinal trauma which limits my walking. I receive Attendance Allowance at the higher rate. Do I qualify for a Motability car?

September 6, 2021 11:46 am


Yes you should do.
the first thing you need to do is contact Motability on 03004564566

Pete Davis
December 22, 2021 8:39 pm

I have Peripheral Neuropathy and I’m 77 years of age
Can I get a Motability car

January 5, 2022 9:53 am

Thank you for your enquiry.

You will need to contact Motability on 0300 456 4566 to discuss with them directly as to if you qualify for a Motability Vehicle on the Scheme.

If we can be of further assistance, please contact the office on 01422 3766456

c newman
February 28, 2022 11:30 am

hi i suffer with copd and only have 50% of lung compacity and a i get short of breath when im walking would i be entitled tl the mobilty allowence

February 28, 2022 11:57 am

You would need to contact Motability directly regarding this, the number you can reach then on is 0300 456 4566. Then they will discuss all your requirements.

deborah purchase
March 3, 2022 5:05 pm

do they take the money off you before you received the car

March 4, 2022 11:31 am

Hi, they don’t in regards to your allowance until the vehicle has been officially handed over. But in some cases a WAV will have an Advance Payment where a supplier could ask for an initial deposit.

If you have any further questions you can call our sale team on 01422 376645.

March 11, 2022 8:17 pm

I have severe arthritis in both Knees Had a replacement in my right knee in mid December, with the other knee to be done later this year, I have just recived my blue badge for parking, Does that qualify me for motorbility I receive no allowances as I still work

March 23, 2022 9:55 am

Hi Steve. Thank you for your reply.

You would need to be in receipt of higher rate PIP or DLA to qualify for a vehicle through the Motability Scheme.

You can contact Motability directly on 0345 456 4566 to discuss getting a vehicle or further information can be found by following the link below to Motability’s Website.

gary atkinson
June 3, 2022 7:12 pm

hi could u conntact me about a mobility car if not thanks any way

June 6, 2022 9:17 am

Hi Gary, I have passed your email on to my colleague.

Roger William Pagram
June 14, 2022 5:19 pm

I have Peripheral Neuropathy in both legs and some odema as well. Arthritis in both knees. I am Diabetic Type 2. Have a Blue Badge. Do I qualify for the Mobility Car Scheme ?

June 15, 2022 11:19 am

Thank you for your enquiry.

To enable you to qualify for a vehicle on the Motability scheme you would need to be in receipt of the Higher rate component of PIP/DLA.

Please see the link below to the Motability website detailing the requirements.

Peter Hall
December 4, 2022 7:03 pm

Hello. I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I have fractures in T12 and L1 can you please tell me if I can apply for a Thank you,

December 13, 2022 10:56 am

Hi Peter, thanks for your question.

If you are in receipt of Higher Rate DLA or PIP, then yes you are eligable for a vehicle on Motabilty. We have more information on this subject on our website

Hope this helps.

Sylvia Fitzgerald
March 17, 2023 9:37 pm

Can you still by a mobility car. If you’re not in recite of benifits ? P

March 20, 2023 12:13 pm

Hi Sylvia,

You must be in receipt of higher rate PIP / DLA to qualify for a Motability vehicle. If you wanted to buy a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) privately then yes, anyone can do this.

Valerie dyer
April 2, 2023 8:26 pm

would i be able to get a mobility car i am on attendance allowance high rate.

April 3, 2023 11:09 am

Hi Valerie,

Unfortunately you cannot apply for a Motability vehicle if you receive an Attendance Allowance. You must receive either Higher rate mobility part of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Higher rate mobility part of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) or Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP). If you are located in Scotland you would need Enhanced rate mobility part of Adult Disability Payment (Scotland) or Higher rate mobility component of Child Disability Payment (Scotland).

Hope this helps.

May 31, 2023 11:17 am

Is it right you can’t get a mobilety car over the age of 65

June 1, 2023 10:11 am

Hi Robert, thanks for your question.

So, if you are in receipt of Higher Rate DLA or PIP, then yes you are eligable for a vehicle on Motabilty even over the age of 65. But, you can’t apply for DLA or PIP over the age of 65, this must be in place before you reach this age. We have more information on this subject on our website

Hope this helps.

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