Bespoke Leisure Vehicle Modification Service

Making a caravan or motorhome adapted for wheelchair use can be a huge challenge if you don’t know who to speak to. Knowing what motorhome or caravan conversion is possible requires expert knowledge and talented engineers.

If you have a much-loved leisure vehicle with lots of happy memories which you can no longer use, we know just how frustrating this can be. However, don’t despair! This is where Brook Miller Mobility is here to help. Brook Miller Mobility now offer a bespoke modification service, to alter and adapt your existing motorhome or caravan with a range of accessibility options.

Our Journey

Brook Miller Mobility has over 2 decades of experience getting those with a disability or accessibility issue on the road. Manufacturing wheelchair accessible vehicles is the core of the business.

In 2017 we launched our Liberation range of wheelchair accessible motorhomes and caravans. These are custom-built motor homes, van conversions and caravans. Designed with a wheelchair user in mind, to your bespoke design.

Our Liberation range is built to your exact requirements, by experts who specialise in accessible vehicles and driving adaptations.

Now, in 2022, we are pleased to announce our new Bespoke Modification Service for leisure vehicles. This new service combines all we know about specialistic vehicle adaptations, with all we now know about motorhomes and caravans. This will provide you with solutions for using your motorhome or caravan as a new wheelchair user or overcoming other mobility challenges.

Leisure Vehicle Modification Assessment

To book a leisure vehicle modification assessment please contact a member of our motorhome team to discuss your requirements. You’ll need to provide details of your existing motorhome or caravan. This will give a guide as to what is or isn’t possible.

Next, we’ll book you into our workshop for a free-of-charge leisure vehicle modification assessment. Depending how your leisure vehicle was originally built, will dictate what is possible. Our engineers will do all they can to meet your needs.

We will look at the structure and build of your motorhome and caravan to finalise a plan for your access adaptations. Plus, consider any other modifications to make using your motorhome or caravan easier as a wheelchair user.

If it is not possible for you to come to us, we can also arrange a home assessment. Fees may vary depending upon your distance from our workshop.

Alternatively, we can also assess a motorhome or caravan which you are looking to purchase. We can see whether it is suitable for modification and whether it will meet your needs. A fee will apply for this service.

Making Your Motorhome or Caravan Wheelchair Accessible

Here’s what’s possible and the current motorhome and caravan modifications for disabled people we can undertake.

Wide Access Entry Doors

Motorhome with wide access entry door

If your motorhome or caravan allows, Brook Miller’s engineers can fit a wide access door to allow for wheelchair access in addition to a lift or ramp. Van conversion motorhomes often already have wide side doors but may need furniture around the entry location altering.

Wheelchair Accessible Lifts

Motorhome wheelchair lift

The most popular access option is an underfloor wheelchair lift, controlled via a wired remote control, with wireless options available. They are easy for both a wheelchair user and carer to operate and stow away discreetly underneath a vehicle when not in use.

Access Ramps

Wheelchair access ramps can also be used for access to leisure vehicles.  A telescopic or folding ramp can be easily stored when not in use.

Internal Mobility Equipment

Hoist within motorhome

Hoists are the most requested piece of Mobility Equipment. These assist with transferring a wheelchair user between their chair and other areas of the vehicle.

For example, a hoist can assist with transferring a wheelchair user from their chair onto a shower chair and can really help protect and prevent injuries for carers and family members.

Accessible Wet rooms and Toilets

Toilet and sink in motorhome

If space allows, Brook Miller can create a wheelchair accessible wet room. Grab rails and support systems can also be fitted, plus toilets compatible with shower chairs.

Profiling Electric Beds

Double profiling bed within motorhome

Beds which have adjustable back and knee rests, plus height adjustability options can replace your existing bed to provide home-from-home facilities.

Driving Adaptations

Alfred Bekker steering ball adaptation

Vehicle adaptations enable a wheelchair user to be the driver. These include hand controls, steering aids, and adaptions to the seating to assist with the transfer.

Wheelchair Tie Downs

For a wheelchair user who wishes to travel in their wheelchair, wheelchair tie-downs can be fitted. Alternatively, if the wheelchair user will transfer into a travel seat, a range of storage restraints are available to secure the chair during travel.

VAT Exemption on Motorhome Adaptation

Did you also know that adaptations to a caravan or motorhome for a wheelchair user are available VAT-free? This is subject to a VAT exemption form being completed. This makes it more affordable than you might think.



March 5, 2024 3:46 pm

Hi, are you able to email me with a guide price on the underfloor wheelchair lift please. And can you confirm whether it will fit onto the decking of a static caravan . Many thanks.

March 6, 2024 10:09 am

Hi Sharon,

I have passed this inquiry on to our Leisure Vehicle dept and they should be in contact shortly 🙂

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