Daily Living Aids

Household Aids

There are thousands of aids to assist in every way around the home Firstly outdoor grab rails to help get you in and out of your home. Plus we have grabbers, seat risers or assists, steps and turner aids for taps, jars, keys and other household implements.
Household Aids

Kitchen & Dining

There are a multitude of manual and electric can and jar openers, chopping boards to hold food in place whilst preparing and modified knives to use with these to enable independent living as much as possible. Cutlery is modified to enable users with severe arthritis to grip and chop, and plates can be supplied with edges to stop food sliding off. When it comes to drinking, we can supply spout mugs, twin handle mugs, hands free drinking systems and nose cups and to help make the hot beverage easy use kettle tippers.
Kitchen & Dining Aids

Comfort & Dressing

Stocking and sock aids are available in various formats to match best to individual needs and use, with button hooks there to fasten up independently. Long handled combs, and shoe horns are there to help get to those hard to reach places.
Wheelchair Power Pack