Commode Toilets

Brook Miller have commodes for sale that come in various forms to suit the user and the environment. Many of these toilet aids are also as tastefully designed as possible, looking like standard seating. Commodes are height adjustable and can also be supplied on wheels and suitable for use whilst showering.

Frames & Rails

A toilet frame is an aftermarket solution that is width and height adjustable to fit around your existing toilet. It helps you to get to a standing or seated position with the minimum of discomfort. An alternative solution found in many public disabled toilets is the drop-down handrail to give one side assistance and support when standing.
Toilet Frame

Seat Risers

Toilet seat risers are an ingenious device to raise the height of the WC. This makes it an easier proposition for those with mobility issues to access. Toilet risers are available in 2″, 4″ and 6″ heights or you can also choose 2″ or 4″ seat pads if there are any pressure related issues.
Toilet Seat Riser