Pride Mobility Scooter and Powerchair 2019 Annual Roadshow

This week Brook Miller Mobility attended the Pride Mobility 2019 Annual Roadshow at the beautiful Holdsworth House in Halifax. It was a great opportunity to meet other stockists of the Pride range  and test drive some of their new mobility scooters and power chairs.


Holdsworth House

What’s new at Pride Mobility?

We got an exclusive preview of the new products that will be coming to the Brook Miller Mobility Superstore over the coming months. Hosted by the Pride Mobility area managers, who gave a very exciting overview of the changes that have been happening behind the scenes of this amazing company. A company whom Brook Miller Mobility have worked with for many years. This includes their plans for a new multimillion-pound extension to their current warehouse.

The proposed new building will allow Pride to stock more parts and equipment meaning they can provide an even better level of customer service and after sales care. Building work is due to start imminently at their warehouse in Oxfordshire and will create an extra 22,000 sq. foot of storage.

Brand New Products

Pride ZT10

Brand new technology that has been in development and coming soon includes the Pride iTurn® Technology. This is ground-breaking technology patented by Pride. It provides 4-wheel stability with a 3-wheel turning circle. This development has been long awaited by customers requiring tight space maneuverability so we at Brook Miller cannot wait to have this option available for our customers when the products officially launch.

According to the Pride area managers early customer testing has produced excellent feedback so we believe the iTurn® technology will be very well received. The Pride 10ZT 6mph scooter with iTurn® technology should be available in the coming months, with an 8mph scooter available next year.

Pride ZT10

The Pride ZT10 will feature;

  • Latest innovation in Pride patented iTurn® technology
  • 26.25” Turning Radius
  • New LED Delta tiller display
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • 5” Alloy style tyres
  • USB charger on the tiller
  • Available in Red, Blue or White
  • Maximum speed 6mph
  • Maximum user capacity 28 stone 8lb (181kg)
  • Dimensions: Overall length 48” (1,219mm) and width 24.25” (613mm)
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, two-year limited warranty on drive train, including the transaxle, motor and brake, one-year limited warranty on electrical parts and a 12-month warranty for batteries

Pride have their own design team in America who are constantly looking at new technology, ensuring they are constantly developing and improving an already very good range of mobility scooters and power chairs. These are problem solving inventions. Developing technology that will really make a difference to the everyday lives of our customers.

Pride Ranger Mobility Scooter

Another new model is the Pride Ranger Scooter, (branded as the Wrangler for the US market). It is a robust, durable, all terrain 8mph scooter that is going to be perfect for tackling off road conditions and rough tracks.  This is a really impressive Scooter that we liked a lot when we test drove it.


It has the best front and rear suspension that Pride have ever offered in any of their range, with a high ground clearance, big chunky tyres to give a smooth drive and lots of high-tech features as standard.

The features of the Pride Ranger will be;

  • 5” chunky pneumatic tyres
  • Enhanced front and rear suspension
  • LCB Delta tiller display
  • Automatic backup sensor
  • Full LED lights package
  • USB charger located on the tiller
  • Powerful 75Amp batteries with the option of upgrading to 100Amps
  • Available in colour options of either stone grey or desert storm
  • Weight capacity 25 stone (159kg)
  • Maximum speed 8mph
  • 5” (140mm) ground clearance
  • Dimensions: Overall length 61.25” (1556mm) and width 32.5” (829mm)
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, two-year limited warranty on drive train, including the transaxle, motor and brake, one-year limited warranty on electrical parts and a 12-month warranty for batteries

Pride iGO™ Fold

The final of the 3 brand new preview designs we got to hear about and test drive at the roadshow was the all new Pride iGO™ Fold, a new addition to the Pride iGO™ durable, lightweight, foldable powerchair range.

Pride iGO Fold

The Pride iGO™ Fold will feature;

    • Self-folding mechanism controlled either by handset or remote
    • Solid tyres
    • Under seat storage
    • Angle adjustable torch
    • Swing-away control
    • Fold in footrest
    • Lap belt
    • Easy to remove battery
    • Directional Lights
    • Rear alloy style wheels
    • Weight capacity: 18 stone 13lb (120kg)
    • Maximum speed 3.6mph
    • Dimensions: Overall length 43.3” (1100mm) and width 24.4” (620mm)
    • Chair weight (without battery) 25kg (55lb) and comes with a standard 24v 19.8Ah Lithium-Ion battery weighing 4.5kg (9.9lb) or an optional 25v 10.2Ah Lithium-Ion air safe travel battery at which weighs 3.5kg (7.7lb) – which again is a new development by the Pride design team

As the above specifications for the Pride ZT10, Pride Ranger and Pride iGO™ Fold are based on the preliminary designs that we were able to preview at the roadshow, some specification may change before they are available in the Brook Miller Mobility Superstore. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Improvements and Upgrades

Following the introductions to the 3 new products we then received an update on some of the other developments that have been going on behind the scenes over the last 6-18 months, including upgrades and improvements to some of the existing scooters and powerchairs.

Jazzy Air®2.

These include the Jazzy Air®2. The always popular, industry renowned, Jazzy Air® elevated power chair has received a major upgrade in the 2nd generation version.

The Jazzy Air®2 now raises to 12” which is an upgrade from the previous 10” height, whilst still retaining the 11 second speed for raising and lowering. The new version also sits 5cm lower in its seat to floor height creating a big improvement for customers to sit comfortably at table height and lowering the centre of gravity for improve stability.

It also features an angle adjustable captain seat for a more natural seating position and drives safely at a 4mph speed whilst in the elevated position. All the above improvements are designed to improve eye to eye contact, being able to sit at a natural height, whether it’s whilst talking with someone standing or sitting. The improvements also allow travel at a natural walking pace whilst at the elevated height, meaning you can hold an eye to eye conversation on the move.

The Jazzy Air®2 also now has a new matte range of colour options including black, blue and garnet red. This adds to the existing 7 colours in the range, which just adds to the restyled new modern sophisticated design.


Pride Jazzy Air

Download the Pride Jazzy Air 2 specification sheet.

Pride iGO+™

The iGO+™ portable folding chair has received some upgrades too.


Pride iGO Plus

It now has bigger more robust 12” pneumatic tyres, the simple easy fold system has been made quicker, with under-seat storage, special foam seat design, a bigger battery and now with the option of air safe travel battery.

Download the Pride i-Go+ specification sheet.

The Jazzy® Zero Turn

The Jazzy® Zero Turn has received an upgrade to increase the user weight capacity from 21st 6lb to 23st 3lb meaning the amazing iTurn Technology is now available for even more customers, with it’s incredibly small 38” turning radius. We were told Baroness Thomas of Winchester MBE, has a Jazzy® Zero Turn. After struggling with previous scooters in the narrow halls of Westminster with its tight corners she’s a huge fan of the technology.


Pride Jazzy Zero Turn

Download the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn specification sheet.

We think these improvements are brilliant developments on an already great range. This goes to show that Pride is not just sitting comfortably in their position as one of the market-leading Scooter and Powerchair manufacturers but are constantly looking to improve.

If this is the way things are going, we cannot wait to see what Pride come out with next. We’re excited to bring these brilliant new products to our customers in the Brook Miller Superstore.

Recently Launched Products

We received a reminder and refresher of the most recently added scooters and powerchair in the Pride range.

Pride Colt Deluxe 2.0

The Pride Colt Deluxe 2.0 is a 6.25mph scooter with a weight capacity of 28 st 8lb (181.4kg). It features a new modular design and delivers supreme performance and great style, with front and rear LED lights. It is a very comfortable drive with front and rear suspension. 10” robust solid wheels and comes in a choice of 3 colours; titanium grey, candy apple red and ocean blue.

Download the Pride Colt Deluxe 2.0 specification sheet.


Pride Apex Finesse Sport

Pride Apex Finesse Sport

Another new mid-range scooter is the Pride Apex Finesse Sport. It is perfect for the active individual as it features the Comfort Trac front and rear suspension. The Apex also has a high-torque motor package.

This is a great option for taller customers as it has exceptional legroom. The Apex Finesse Sport comes as standard with front and rear LED lighting, tiller cabin light and has easy to use delta tiller controls. It is available in a choice of either red or blue.

Download the Pride Apex Finesse Sport specification sheet.


Colt Pursuit ES13

The Pride Colt Pursuit ES13 has been designed to be an affordable option in the high end 8mph scooter range. It also offers exceptional all-terrain drive performance with front and rear suspension. This is a cost-effective durable scooter with 13” alloy style wheels. It also features comfortable hi-back seating and is available in either silver or black.


Pride Colt Pursuit ES13

Download the Pride Colt Pursuit ES13 specification sheet.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the new mobility scooters and power chair range from Pride or require any assistance at all with your mobility needs please contact our Mobility Superstore manager. You can contact Antonio for impartial advice on 0800 064 4454 or 07852208326, email or send us a message via the contact form.


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