5 Reasons Our Accessible Motorhomes Are a Great Option For Wild Camping

Are you craving an outdoor adventure, an escape from the city and some fresh mountain air? No matter your age, condition or physical limitations, an accessible motorhome can take you where you want to go!

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If wild camping throughout the UK or Europe tickles your fancy, why not take to the open road with an accessible motorhome? They are sturdy, reliable, host to most comforts of home and offer specialized wheelchair friendly amenities.

Don’t put your wild camping adventure on the back-burner any longer. Learn more about the top 5 benefits of accessible motorhomes here…

Top 5 Benefits of Accessible Motor Homes for Wild Camping

First and foremost, what is an accessible motorhome? We’re glad you asked!

Essentially, this is a motorhome specifically catered to people you have disabilities and want to enjoy adventures, such as wild camping. An accessible motorhome is designed to allow full wheelchair access to all areas of the motorhome, without hindrance.

It is also designed for people who require walking assistance and those with mental disabilities and restrictive movement. An accessible motorhome is ideal for day trips into the countryside, wild camping, long road trips or even temporary living space.

Here are the top 5 benefits of an accessible motorhome for wild camping:

1. Access to Remote Regions

While you could easily pack up the car, a tent, and your camping equipment, it’s not as simple when you are confined to a wheelchair.

Travelling in an accessible motorhome allows you to reach the more remote regions throughout the UK and Europe with ease and in comfort. An accessible motorhome can travel on most road conditions, allowing you to access secluded spots for your camping adventure.

With a specifically designed motorhome, you have the freedom to travel where you please, with all the amenities you need.

2. Includes Most Comforts From Home

An accessible motorhome is exactly what it says it is: a home on wheels.

With this in mind, you have access to several amenities that make your travels comfortable and convenient. Some of these home comforts include a dining table area which is easily adjusted to allow for wheelchair height.

You also have access to a proper shower area, kitted with support railings and enough room for seated bathing. The cooking area is spacious and ensures all appliances and switches are within easy reach of those in a wheelchair.

Accessible motorhomes also feature lowered beds with a motorized incline feature.

3. Offers Lift Access

This goes without saying, but all accessible motorhomes include a wheelchair lift. Having a lift installed to a regular motorhome can put you majorly out-of-pocket. Essentially, this feature is saving you thousands!

4. Spacious & Accessible

An accessible motorhome is specifically designed with additional space to cater to the path of a wheelchair.

This includes a widened interior and increased hallway, dining area, and bathroom space. Essentially, you can move around comfortably with enough room for two people in an accessible motorhome.

5. Easy & Comfortable to Navigate

Finally, these motorhomes are a dream to drive and include some features to ensure your road trip is a comfortable one.

You have access to full climate control throughout the motorhome. Here you can adjust the temperature to suit both warm and cold environments.

Most motorhomes will include accessible USB ports, Bluetooth capabilities and a speaker system throughout. Widened pathways and doorways make it easy to move from the front of the motorhome to the back.

Explore More With an Accessible Motorhome

If you’re looking to take to the open road without a care in the world, then an accessible motorhome is your ticket.

Learn more about our award-winning accessible motorhomes and make the investment of a lifetime.


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