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Nothing contained in this document is intended to affect or restrict the statutory rights of a consumer.
The ‘Vendor’ herein stated as being Brook Miller Mobility Limited and the ‘Purchaser’ or ‘Consumer’ being a person or company who enters into an agreement written or verbal with Brook Miller Mobility Limited to have supplied ‘Goods’ being deemed as any product or service that the vendor agrees to supply to the consumer in return for financial reward or physical exchange.


1) General 
This document contains all the terms of the contract and no amendment hereto shall be valid unless agreed in writing by an authorised official of the vendor.


2) Delivery
The vendor will endeavour to deliver the product by the estimated delivery date but does not guarantee the time of delivery and time shall not be of the essence. The vendor shall not be liable for any damages, costs or other claims of any nature arising out of delay in delivery.
(b) If the vendor fails to deliver the product within 30 days of the estimated delivery date the purchaser may give written notice to the vendor requesting delivery of the product within 14 days of receipt such notice. If the vendor fails to deliver the product by the end of such period then the contract may be cancelled and any deposit paid by the purchaser shall be returned to them and the vendor shall have no further liability, this applies to showroom products only.
(c) The vendor will inform the purchaser when the product when the product is ready for delivery.
(d) If the purchaser fails to pay the purchase price and take delivery of the product within such a period the vendor may elect to treat the contact as repudiated by the purchaser and may retain as liquated damages any deposit paid by the purchaser.
(e) The purchase price shall be paid in cash, by credit card, bankers draft or where the vendor has agreed to accept a cheque and it is received no less than seven days before delivery of the product.


3) Price
The purchase price for the product as per signed order form is the price for the product (including where applicable accessories and delivery) current at the date of the order.


4) Property
The product will remain the property of the vendor until the purchase price less any part exchange allowance has been received by the vendor.


5) Part exchange product acceptance
The vendor shall only be bound to accept the part exchange (if any):-
(a) If the part exchange product is free from any hire purchase agreements, charges or other encumbrances, (together with ‘encumbrances’) provided that if such encumbrances have been found fully disclosed by the purchaser. The vendor shall subject to this clause accept the part exchange product  if the level of the part exchange allowance has taken into account any payment necessary to release the part exchange product absolutely from any encumbrances and pass title of part title of the part exchange product to the vendor (if the payment required to release such product absolutely from any encumbrances is greater than that disclosed to the vendor the vendor may with the agreement of the purchase reduce the part exchange allowance amount and accept the part exchange product).
(b) If the part exchange product is delivered to the vendors place of business before of the product to the purchaser, and
(c) If upon delivery of the part exchange product by the purchaser to the vendor the part exchange is in the same condition (subject only to fair wear and tear and reasonable increase in mileage) as when examined by the vendor prior to fixing the part exchange allowance (provided that if the part exchange product is delivered in worse condition or with an unreasonable increase in mileage the vendor may, with agreement of the purchaser, reduce the part exchange allowance by an appropriate amount and accept the part exchange product).
(d) If the part exchange allowance is reduced or withdrawn for any reason the purchaser remains bound to pay the purchase price less such reduced part exchange allowance (If any).
(e) Property in the part exchange product will pass to the vendor on delivery to and subsequent acceptance by them of the part exchange product.


6) Non-stock items and modifications
Any special items ordered for a consumer as a non-stock item will be non refundable or non returnable unless previously agreed in writing from the vendor. A stock item being deemed as a product that the vendor has in their possession at the time of the order is immediately available to the purchaser, all motor vehicles are designated as non stock items. Any item that has been modified at the users request shall be deemed as a special order item and subject to the same conditions herein this includes a non-refundable deposit.  


7) Vehicle repairs and warranty
All new vehicles privately purchased from the vendor qualify for 12 month warranty on the conversion from the date of delivery. If any part of the conversion develops a fault due to normal use during the 12 month period Brook Miller Mobility will arrange a repair or replacement utilising a “back to base” process. Vehicle manufacturer’s warranty applies to base vehicle only.

(b) All used vehicles purchased from the vendor qualify for 3 month warranty on the conversion from the date of delivery.

(c) Extended warranty is available up to 3 years with WAV Assured Warranty upon request.



8) Repairs and warranty work
Should any product develop a fault whilst within the manufacturer’s warranty period, the faulty part will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. The cost of the parts and any labour charges will be paid for the vendor. Goods developing a fault outside the manufacturer’s warranty period will be repaired at a chargeable cost to the consumer at the consumer’s request.
(b) Repairs will be carried out at the vendor’s premises unless otherwise agreed in writing but the vendor. Should any repair be carried out by another party other than the vendor without prior written permission from the vendor, any costs incurred will not be met by the vendor but shall be the responsibility of the consumer.
(c) Whilst every effort will be made by the vendor to repair the faulty goods in a reasonable time, no guarantee of repair time can be given. All work will be carried out subject to parts availability, which may sometimes be out of the vendors control and dependant on supply from the manufacturer. The vendor accepts no responsibility for delay from the manufacturers but will make every effort to ensure prompt repair once any parts become available to the vendor. In the event of a repair taking longer than a twelve week period, the vendor will endeavour to make available a suitable loan product as a temporary replacement whilst the consumer’s goods are repaired.
(d) Repaired goods will be guaranteed for a period of 3 months from date of repair or to the end of the manufactures warranty, whichever is the greater.
(e) Used goods shall carry a 3 month warranty including parts and labour, but excluding batteries, if fitted.
(f) Should a product being repaired under warranty be deemed un-repairable, an alternative replacement product will be supplied in-line with the age and condition of the product under repair.
(g) The vendor shall not be responsible for the hire of replacement goods or any subsequent costs incurred whilst any product is under repair by the vendor. Any costs incurred are the consumer’s responsibility.
(h) Product warranties are non-transferable from the original consumer as stated in the signed product order form unless agreed in writing by the vendor.
(I) Should any claim under warranty be affected after the product has been altered, repaired or tampered with by any other party other than the vendor or the vendors agent, then the warranty shall become null and void and the repair shall become a chargeable item to the consumer unless previously agreed in writing by the vendor.


9) Notices
Any notices given hereunder must be in writing and sent by post to the residence or the place of business of the person to whom it is addressed and shall be deemed to have been received in due course by post.


10) Deposits
The vendor may require from the consumer a deposit to secure an order of any goods. Should the consumer cancel the order for a product once signed order form has been received by the vendor, the deposit will be non-refundable and retained in full by the vendor. The amount of deposit may vary dependant and relative to the goods under contract. When a motor vehicle is being purchased from the vendor, a suitable deposit must be received by the vendor before any vehicle is ordered by the vendor from one of the vendors suppliers. Any delay by the purchaser in presenting the vendor with any required deposit will be the purchaser’s responsibility and any such time delay will be added on to the expected delivery time from the vendor.


11) Balance of payment
Is due full before delivery of any goods. Should final payment made on delivery on delivery of any delivery then payment must be in the form of a bank/building society draft made payable to the vendor for the final amount outstanding. Should payment not be made at this time then the goods being delivered shall be returned to the vendor’s premises and the deposit forfeit. Should the ordered goods be required to be delivered to the consumer again then payment must be received in full along with a change that will be levied by the vendor to the consumer to cover all reasonable costs incurred by the vendor.


12) Advice and information
Whilst every effort is effort by the vendor to ensure the facts given to the purchaser are accurate at the time of purchase. The vendor cannot be held responsible for changes in performance or specifications by any other party other than by the vendor that has not been made aware of by its supplier. Any purchase is at the choice of the purchaser and is only entered into at the request of the purchaser.


13) Product returns (including 7 day money back guarantee)
Products may only be returned to the vendor after the purchase if agreed in writing prior by the vendor. Any returned products must be complete and undamaged and returned in their original outer packaging. The vendor reserves the right to charge for repair, replacement or repackaging of any products not returned in their original condition. This charge is to include the cost of parts, materials, packaging and labour and any subsequent loss to the vendor. This does not apply to vehicles.