The Hortons Take Delivery Of Their New Wheelchair Adapted Caravan

The diaries below have been shared by our customers Mr and Mrs Horton who recently purchased a wheelchair adapted caravan. It follows their journey from the initial idea of purchasing a touring caravan from Brook Miller, through to hand over day of their Liberation CV480, and beyond.

Caravan Handover Brook Miller

The Caravan Diaries

By Mr and Mrs Horton

Chapter 1

When we originally decided to look into getting a leisure vehicle, we were set on the idea of a motorhome. We hadn’t even considered anything else.  Then the idea dawned on us; why not go for a wheelchair adapted caravan and that is how we found Brook Miller Mobility.

We knew they were the company for us after speaking to managing director, Adrian Westbrook, who answered all our questions and discussed all the options available to us. We were reassured by Brook Miller’s history of 20 years of manufacturing wheelchair accessible vehicles through the Motability Scheme.

Chapter 2

We have just paid the deposit on our touring caravan; it’s been such a whirlwind and so the adventure begins!

It took about seven designs to agree on a layout for the van and I think there’s been even more plans for the garden and where to keep it. The wheelbarrow is ordered, ready to start digging the patio up!

Chapter 3

A month on and we’ve made more changes. But now, after plan 8, we’ve signed our agreement off, so no more changes now!

The plans have all been agreed with everyone involved so it was time to pay the next installment!  With all the extra’s we’ve been adding and adding it was quite a shock. But this is our retirement after all so why not!

Chapter 4

We’re getting there.  The drive is complete with beautiful gates.  The garden has been ‘sorted out’ and the security lights moved to accommodate the caravan.  Next, the new car arrives on Monday – so we’ll be ready and raring to go!

We hope we’ve thought of everything we’ll need (and plenty we don’t) for inside, but probably we’ve gone totally over the top. We’re just waiting on news of a delivery date.  Watch this space!

Chapter 5

Spoke to Adrian last week. If all goes to plan, we could have lift off by mid-October! It’s really happening!

Chapter 6

Yes! We were told this morning that the caravan is nearly ready and it’s booked in for the tracking device in a couple of days. However, after looking at photos again and as with all grand plans, we realised that a few adjustments were going to be needed.

Anyway, everyone just needed time to think it over and re-group.  Adrian has worked his magic and has come up with a new plan and Mick has worked like a trooper all week (and weekend).

Today, Wednesday, we got a phone call telling us so far, so good and hopefully we’re going to Elland on Friday to try things out!  All systems go again and that the new plan works even better!

Chapter 7

Caravan Handover External Brook Miller

WOW!  Went to Elland yesterday for an introduction to our new caravan!  What can I say! Brilliant, Marvellous, Fantastic, Awesome, Amazing, Epic! The finished layout couldn’t be more perfect and is much better that the original plan.

Caravan Lift Handover

The Liberation CV480 Wheelchair Adapted Caravan

The caravan that Mr and Mrs Horton purchased was the custom-built Liberation CV480 which was specifically designed for them. Here at Brook Miller Mobility we pride ourselves on our bespoke design service and can build a touring caravan to your exact requirements.

Using our two decades of experience in adapting and converting wheelchair accessible vehicles we understand the challenges of finding a leisure vehicle that meets your needs is not always easy, however when you are designing a motorhome or caravan with Brook Miller Mobility you can get exactly what you require, plus all the added luxuries too.

Access into the caravan is via an underfloor lift which is easy to control via wired remote control, which can be operated either by the wheelchair user or their family / carers. When the lift is not in use it stows neatly and discretely underneath the caravan.

Caravan Hoist Handover

There is an electric person hoist which runs the length of the caravan which makes bathing easy as it can access the shower, toilet and beds.

This caravan has a self-contained wet room which is tucked away to the front of the caravan behind a sliding door. It is a really good use of space as it gives you a large spacious bathroom in the lowered headroom space with plenty of room for maneuvering a wheelchair when bathing, with a good amount of room on either side of the cassette toilet too.

Liberation Caravan Internal Front

Liberation Caravan Internal Rear

9 months on…

After having had their caravan for 9 months now this is what Mr and Mrs Horton have to say about their Liberation CV480.

“I never imagined that such a life was possible for me, us, now! The world is once again filled with new possibilities and it truly feels like the world is my/our oyster! Thank you, Brook Miller.

As well as introducing us to a completely new hobby, we can go, not only to places we’ve not visited for 30 years, but see friends we’ve not seen for as long, and plan trips which, only a short while ago, seemed impossible and completely out of reach!  Life now seems exciting again and I never dreamed that so many possibilities would ever be open to us again.”

Caravan Holidays

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