Bespoke Leisure Vehicle Modifications

Modify your existing motorhome or caravan, and make it wheelchair accessible, with a range of options to make it suitable for use by a wheelchair user. Learn more….


We can modify your existing motorhome or caravan.

Free Assessment

A Leisure vehicle modification assessment will determine what is possible within the structure of your leisure vehicle

A bespoke service

We will discuss the current challenges you are facing and see how best we can meet your needs.

More years of enjoyment

Adapting your current leisure vehicle could mean many more years of happy holidays.

Peace of mind

We can also assess a motorhome or caravan which you are looking at purchasing before you commit.

Which is right for me?

Access Options

Wide access doors may be possible to fit the width of your wheelchair. Wheelchair Accessible Lifts are an ideal solution for wheelchair entry, but access ramps may also be a good choice.

Internal Mobility Equipment

Hoists are the most popular requested adaptation, allowing for transfer from a wheelchair, and between other areas of a motorhome or caravan.

Accessible Wet Rooms

If possible, we can create a bathroom space suitable for a wheelchair user to bathe, plus toilets that are suitable for use with shower chairs.

Profiling Electric Beds

Replacing the motorhome’s existing bed with an electric bed, to control the height, with back and knee rests which can also be adjusted.