VW Crafter Day Vans or Motorhomes available now!

Brook Miller Mobility have a range of vans in stock ready for immediate conversion to wheelchair accessible day vans or motorhomes. Yes… really!!

If you have been looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, I’m sure you’ll have noticed availability just is not what it once was. A huge combination of factors including Covid, Brexit and most recently the Ukrainian war have all had an impact upon vehicle production.

Given each vehicle built is a combination of thousands of different components, which come from all around the world, its easy to see how even just a problem with one can hold up production.
Many converters including Brook Miller Mobility have experienced sever delays and issues in getting the vehicles built for our customers.

But we are not the kind of business to let this stop us. We have been searching high and low to provide options to meet your needs. After years of not being able to get out and about, seeing family and friends and having new adventures, we understand the desire to hit the open road again. It has been far too long. A wheelchair accessible day van or motorhome can give you the facilities you may require, as a wheelchair user, including wheelchair lift entry, or internal person hoists.

The vans we have available are brand new VW Crafters in the Medium Wheelbase option. The medium wheelbase is 5,986mm. The side sliding door has a 1,311mm opening width. They have a 2.0 TDI 177PS engine with the 8 speed Automatic gearbox. They are in the trendline spec available in Indium Grey or Deep Black.

Given the situation we do not expect these vehicles to stay with us long. If you believe a wheelchair accessible day van or motorhome will be the answer to your prayers, contact our Managing Director Adrian Westbrook on 07770 848084.

We will be able to discuss your ideas, the features you require and the layout possibilities, to create a bespoke day van or motorhome.


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