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Vehicle Dimensions

Renault Master Dimensions

Renault Master

A. Max. entrance headroom (mm/")
1600 / 63 (*1770 / 70)
B. Max. interior headroom (mm/")
1650 / 65 (*1830 / 72)
C. Max. interior floor length (mm/")
3450 / 136 (LWB)
D. Max. wheelchair width (mm/")
745 / 30
E. Max. seated eyeline height (mm/")
1550 / 61 (*1730 / 68)


The Renault Master comes in three sizes. Firstly the SL28 which is a Short Wheelbase model with a low roof, next is the MM33 which has a Medium Wheelbase as well as a medium height roof. Finally there is the LM35 which offers a Long Wheelbase along with the medium height roof. These are all available with a Business or a Business+ specification. This vehicle is highly versatile and offers a wide range of seating plans.

  • Renault Master SL Seating Plan
  • Renault Master LM Seating Plan
  • Renault Master MM Seating Plan
  • Glacia White 389

    Glacia White 389

  • Carmen Red 719

    Carmen Red 719

  • Orange 031

    Orange 031

  • Caribbean Blue 423

    Caribbean Blue 423

  • Persian Blue RNQ

    Persian Blue RNQ

  • Lemon Yellow 396

    Lemon Yellow 396

  • Atlantic Blue 489

    Atlantic Blue 489

  • Star Grey KNH (Metallilc)

    Star Grey KNH (Metallilc)

  • Tempest J47 (Metallic)

    Tempest J47 (Metallic)

  • Pearlescent Black 646 (Metallic)

    Pearlescent Black 646 (Metallic)

Please note: Not all paint finishes may be available. Please check details and availability with us at the time of ordering. Screen representations do not allow exact reproduction of paint colours.

Please download the price list below for a guide to the range of vehicles available from Brook Miller Mobility through both Motability and Private Purchase.

If you are eligible for the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement, you may choose to purchase your new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle through Motability. This means that the vehicle is leased to you through Motability’s Contact Hire agreement. However an Advanced Payment is required. Please see the below price list for a guide to the advanced payments applicable to our vehicle range.

Should you be looking to purchase your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle privately the price list below also includes the retail prices. We can also help assist you with the purchase of a nearly new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle. As stock for these vehicles changes daily please contact a member of our team to discuss what suitable vehicles are available for you.

Please note the list of vehicles below is not comprehensive and the range of vehicles which we can adapt is by no means limited to the range of vehicles named on this page. Should you be interested in an adaption to a vehicle not on this page please contact a member of our team to discuss what options are available.


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Renault Master Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Brochure

Renault Master Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Brochure



Renault Master