Vauxhall Vivaro

Motability Advance Payment From £4,995.00

Vehicle Dimensions

Vauxhall Vivaro Dimensions

Vauxhall Vivaro

A. Max. entrance headroom (mm/")
B. Max. interior headroom (mm/")
C. Max. interior floor length (mm/")
D. Max. wheelchair width (mm/")
E. Max. seated eyeline height (mm/")


The stylish, intuitive and itelligent ALL NEW Vauxhall Vivaro delivers practical solutions to a variety of needs. Combines spacious travel with high levels of passenger comfort, access and safety.

Renowned for their strong power outputs and flexibility, the Vivaro’s efficient 1.6 CDTi 16v common rail Diesel engine combines impressive performance with great fuel economy.

The Vivaro conversion trully is a flexable vehicle offering versatility and comfort. The ideal large capacity vehicle that gives you the choice of many different seating arrangments and wheelchair positions, seating up to as many as six people.

Custom made with you in mind….
Fitted with a rear hydrolic lift or a side lift for ease of access to the big space which the Vivaro has to offer. All the room you’ll ever need in a sleek, powerful package.

  • Glacier White

    Glacier White

  • Flame Red

    Flame Red

  • Iron Grey

    Iron Grey

  • Spring Green

    Spring Green

  • ink-blue

    Ink Blue

  • Panorama Blue (Metallic)

    Panorama Blue (Metallic)

  • Midnight Black (Metallic)

    Midnight Black (Metallic)

  • Cassiopeia Silver (Metallic)

    Cassiopeia Silver (Metallic)

  • Copper Brown (Metallic)

    Copper Brown (Metallic)

  • Jasper Brown (Metallic)

    Jasper Brown (Metallic)

  • Platinum Silver (Metallic)

    Platinum Silver (Metallic)

Motability Advance Payment From
Private Purchase From

*All prices correct at time of publication. Last updated 11th August 2017.

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Vauxhall Vivaro