Volkswagen Caddy Life

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Vehicle Dimensions

Volkswagen Caddy Life Dimensions

Volkswagen Caddy Life

A. Max. entrance headroom (mm/")
1410 / 55.5
B. Max. interior headroom (mm/")
1480 / 58
C. Max. interior floor length (mm/")
1300 / 51
D. Max. wheelchair width (mm/")
760 / 30
E. Max. seated eyeline height (mm/")
1370 / 54


Combining space, luxury, safety and quality the Caddy Life is styled to not only look great, but to wrk hard too. Offering great performance and economy with a 2.0TDi engine in both manual and DSG (direct-shift gearbox). The dual side sliding doors gives users easy accessibility and also offers a comprehensive standard specification, the Caddy Life is ideal for users who desire more.

The standard seating layout gives you two seats plus rear wheelchair passenger. However, this conversion allows for the second row passenger bench seat to be retained, giving the user the option od five seats when the wheelchair position is not required. Depending on the size of the wheelchair, a single passenger seat may be used in the rear.

  • Candy White

    Candy White

  • Cherry Red

    Cherry Red

  • Reflex Silver (Metallic)

    Reflex Silver (Metallic)

  • Indium Grey (Metallic)

    Indium Grey (Metallic)

  • Sandstorm Yellow (Metallic)

  • Fortana Red (Metallic)

    Fortana Red (Metallic)

  • Chestnut Brown (Metallic)

    Chestnut Brown (Metallic)

  • Viper Green (Metallic)

  • Bamboo Garden Green (Metallic)

    Bamboo Garden Green (Metallic)

  • Starlight Blue (Metallic)

    Starlight Blue (Metallic)

  • Acapulco Blue (Metallic)

    Acapulco Blue (Metallic)

  • Deep Black (Pearl Effect)

    Deep Black (Pearl Effect)

Please note: Not all paint finishes may be available. Please check details and availability with us at the time of ordering. Screen representations do not allow exact reproduction of paint colours.

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Volkwagen Caddy Life Brochure

Volkwagen Caddy Life Brochure



Volkswagen Caddy Life