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Vehicle Access Dimensions

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Lowered Floor Access Dimensions

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Lowered Floor

A. Max. entrance headroom (mm/”)
B. Max. interior headroom (mm/”)


C. Max. interior floor length (mm/”)


D. Max. wheelchair width (mm/”)


E. Max. seated eyeline height (mm/”)



The Caddy Maxi is the long wheelbase version of the all new Volkswagen Caddy, allowing you to retain the second row bench seat to accommodate more passengers, with the option of easily folding or removing the seat completely.

This rear wheelchair passenger solution vehicle is fitted with a B-Active lightweight ramp which allows you to lay the ramp flat inside the vehicle for added luggage space when the wheelchair is not secured in place. Entering and exiting the vehicle using the ramp couldn’t be easier, with an assisted counter balance which makes lifting and lowering effortless.

Available in both Caddy Maxi and Caddy Maxi Life trim levels, this conversion makes the perfect compact wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Standard layout includes two seats plus wheelchair passenger or five seats plus wheelchair passenger on XL models.

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