Volkswagen Shuttle Centro

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Vehicle Dimensions

Volkswagen Shuttle Centro Dimensions

Volkswagen Shuttle Centro

A. Max. entrance headroom (mm/")
B. Max. interior headroom (mm/")
C. Max. interior floor length (mm/")
D. Max. wheelchair width (mm/")
E. Max. seated eyeline height (mm/")


Brook Miller are proud to introduce the Shuttle Centro, which has achieved the Able Magazines Outstanding Product Award.

This highly popular conversion is accessed via an ultra lightweight, low angle ramp on to a lowered floor. This provides excellent forward and side vision and a massive 1460mm (57.5 inches) of head room. The wheelchair user has the benefit of sitting between other people rather than being behind everybody else.

The Centro is available on the Caravelle, Transporter Shuttle and T5 models. Both short and long wheel base options are available. It can accommodate 4 people + 1 wheelchair on SWB or 6 seats + 2 wheelchairs on LWB.

  • Candy White

    Candy White

  • Pure Grey

    Pure Grey

  • Cherry Red

    Cherry Red

  • Grape Yellow

    Grape Yellow

  • Bright Orange

    Bright Orange

  • Summer Blue

    Summer Blue

  • Deep Ocean

    Deep Ocean

  • Reflex Silver (Metallic)

    Reflex Silver (Metallic)

  • Indium Grey (Metallic)

    Indium Grey (Metallic)

  • Mojave Beige (Metallic)

    Mojave Beige (Metallic)

  • Chestnut Brown (Metallic)

    Chestnut Brown (Metallic)

  • Bamboo Garden Green (Metallic)

    Bamboo Garden Green (Metallic)

  • Acapulco Blue (Metallic)

    Acapulco Blue (Metallic)

  • Starlight Blue (Metallic)

    Starlight Blue (Metallic)

  • Oryx White (Pearl Effect)

    Oryx White (Pearl Effect)

  • Deep Black (Pearl Effect)

    Deep Black (Pearl Effect)

  • Indium Grey & Deep Black

    Indium Grey & Deep Black

  • Candy White & Indium Grey

    Candy White & Indium Grey

  • Candy White & Bamboo Garden Green

    Candy White & Bamboo Garden Green

  • Candy White & Mojave Beige

    Candy White & Mojave Beige

  • Candy White & Starlight Blue

    Candy White & Starlight Blue

  • Candy White & Cherry Red

    Candy White & Cherry Red

Please note: Not all paint finishes may be available. Please check details and availability with us at the time of ordering. Screen representations do not allow exact reproduction of paint colours.

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Volkswagen Caravelle / Shuttle Rear Entry Brochure

Volkswagen Caravelle / Shuttle Rear Entry Brochure



Volkswagen Shuttle Centro